Best Interior Designer * Nest Design Studio
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Best Interior Designer * Nest Design Studio

Nest Design Studio is a full service residential design firm specializing in “designing for the client and not the designer”. One of the Canada’s best interior design studios is based in Toronto where it was established by Natalie Chong, the owner and principal of the company.

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The Nest Design Studio’s team credo is “To design your space to suit your family, and your nest”. It is their commitment to guide and help the clients make better decisions, so that they will feel confident and thrilled in the complete project.


BestInteriorDesigner-NestDesignStudio-4In retrospect, Natalie’s calling was evident as a young child. Little did she know that, with building blocks and toy figures, she was already creating colourful, liveable spaces. As a teenager, Natalie’s love for design was sparked by design shows. At the same time, school projects demonstrated that she possessed an intuitive sense of colour and was spatially inclined. Her simple philosophy; to make space beautiful, while blending colour and functionality, started to take shape.BestInteriorDesigner-NestDesignStudio-6Creating an interior space is a visual process that Natalie leads her clients through, in order to understand how they are going to live in it. One client affirmed, “Natalie did a great job of taking my vision and laying it out onto design boards where she could test concepts, colours and furniture pieces with me.” Many clients have remarked that her concept boards themselves were like pieces of art. From beginning to end, her team approach and positivity make the process enjoyable.

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When not in project mode, Natalie is often out in the world, pursuing her addiction to all things high-heeled, furry and chic. She is also a lover of bright nail polish, snail mail and fresh sheets. Plus, a girl who lives to eat never passes on a chance to try a new restaurant or visit a favourite.BestInteriorDesigner-NestDesignStudio-8

BestInteriorDesigner-NestDesignStudio-9Natalie gives all her heart while working on an interior design project. This is why the result is always outstanding! Moreover, she has great approach to her clients and always listen to their needs and wants. This is the key of her successful career in design world!