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Best Interior Designer * Meme

Meme  is an architecture and interior design studio directed by designer Megan Hounslow and designer and architect Melanie Beynon. Based in Melbourne, the team provides their clients with extensive experience, design capabilities and attention to detail to deliver beautiful, innovative, authentic and timeless architecture, interior design, installations and objects.

Commercial and domestic projects are framed by the same approach: detailed research, clear communication, creative and intelligent design which leads to a robust and detailed implementation, and a thoughtful, sustainable and engaged final end use. Meme Design is an interior design and architecture practice specialising in residential, hospitality,hotel and retail.

SEE ALSO: BEST INTERIOR DESIGNERS * SHAREEN JOELBestInteriorDesigner-MemeDesign-2Meme’s commercial projects use good design to transform hospitality, retail, public / private and work environments to increase sales and customers, improve usage and productivity. Their domestic projects are transformed into great homes. Their occupants are people, they work closely with their clients to create contemporary, finely crafted and customised spaces that celebrate materials, finishes, life, friends, family and individuality.BestInteriorDesigner-MemeDesign-3Meme is also an award-winning interior design studio that inspires the design world across Australia and all over the world. In the 2011 Idea Design Excellence Awards Meme was nominated for Best Emerging Practice.BestInteriorDesigner-MemeDesign-4The designers strive to create beautiful, detailed and practical architecture, interior design, installations and objects which transform, engage and inspire. Their works are always sophisticated, and both elegant and comfortable.BestInteriorDesigner-MemeDesign-5Their décor is refreshingly underived, a product of careful procurement that is not afraid to combine textures, colour and tone with art, furniture and lighting, bringing them together in a bold new relationship with the heritage environs.BestInteriorDesigner-MemeDesign-6Meme is an inspiring and one of Australia’s best interior design studios. Its designers give their whole heart while creating amazing spaces. To see more fascinating Meme’s interior design projects visit their website!