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Best Interior Designers | Massimo Speroni

Massimo Speroni is the founder and designer of Massimo Interiors. Massimo is an artist and interior designer from Milan, a city that’s internationally known for its art, architectural treasures and as a fashion mecca of the world.

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With a degree in graphic design, Massimo arrived in Australia to expand on his life experiences. Upon his arrival he completed a Masters in Multimedia, and furthered his education in Interior Design and Decoration before embarking upon his career in interior design and decoration. In doing this, he was able to capitalise on his artistic passion and flair for design.

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As an interior designer, Massimo’s work is a projection and extension of himself. He does not subscribe to a particular source or influence, however, the presence of the Italian masters in his work is unmistakable. Massimo has been exposed to the beautiful creations of Italian history, from the amazing arts and sculptures of the Renaissance period to the beautiful architecture in Milan, Rome, Florence and Venice.

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Milan is home to elegant, cutting-edge Italian furniture design, adding to Massimo’s individual approach to design. This unique combination offers extensive interior design inspiration leading him to create beautiful, everlasting and modern luxury designs through the use of both contemporary and classical pieces.

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Massimo has won acclaim and admiration for his design and creativity in his native Italy, and has recently found a faithful following in Australia. Currently based in Melbourne, Massimo’s experience in interior design and decoration is mainly focused on residential projects. Massimo’s passion is to help clients transform their homes and workplaces, sharing his knowledge on how to create bespoke and exciting spaces.

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In a society where difficult economic times make us feel uncertain about the future, we tend to forget about the good things in life. We should enjoy a little luxury and come home to a place of serenity and comfort. A beautiful bedroom to relax in or a living space that we are proud of, for sharing good times with family and friends

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