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Best Interior Designer * Goddard Littlefair


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Founded by Martin Goddard and Jo Littlefair in 2012, the business is built on 20 years experience in the industry and a reputation for innovation and creativity in a world often defined by a cookie-cutter approach. They pride themselves on giving clients access to the right people throughout a project, not just at the beginning. The team has been carefully selected to provide the versatility needed to deliver innovation and creativity across everything that is done, from start to finish.

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According to them, the more they understand about a space, and how it will be used, the better and more bespoke a design can be. An open studio and an open mind enables better communication keeping the design process fresh and collaborative.

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When designing a building, the approach is to always work from the inside out. The core creative offer encompasses both architecture and interior design. There is a choice, in order to define interior design as four constituent disciplines within which everyone should be able to understand and identify the aspects of the offer they are looking for. These are: Interior Design, Interior Architecture, FF+E Design and Installation & Final Dressing. Alongside creative services they also offer a dedicated purchasing service and on-site supervision.

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The team offers a breadth of expertise across a diverse range of projects but they are united by the same belief. Design is about human response to the environment they are in – the space, the light, the textures and the finishes.

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To design a truly bespoke space there is a need to understand and trust each and every client, partner and supplier. The unique needs of each project can only be met when this collaborative relationship is formed and maintained.

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