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The Benchmark | Bring Alive Living Spaces With AI Interior Designer

The Benchmark from Dubai are here! They have analyzed decades of evolving design methodologies and realized that an autonomous interior designer could do aesthetic furniture shopping for you. And they are working towards bringing that to you. The Benchmark is the residence for a group of futurists and thinkers, and it was founded in Dubai in 2022. Researchers, engineers, and product professionals who are constantly prepared to offer the world innovative solutions make up our team.

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The Benchmark | Bring Alive Living Spaces With AI Interior Designer

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They sell world-class furniture globally. However, their research is about using AI to bridge the gap between space and design. This means you will not only get the best but also the perfect furniture for your home. Over the past few decades, the design technique has undergone significant change. Deep learning, mixed reality, and an autonomous design engine are currently being used to create a smart AI interior designer.



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Dukono Armchair is just like one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes, embodies an unpredictable strength. A nailhead trim wraps around this high-back lounge chair, making it pop against the synthetic leather upholstery. Place it in modern home decor and watch the Dukono armchair fill the room with its strong attitude.

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When a passionate techy partners with a zestful architect, they get the best of both worlds. The Benchmark is a result of combining the strength of both of its founders. Here you find the most interesting and effective way to reimagine your living spaces. They are introducing the smartest AI designer to choose the best furnitures and decors for your space.

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The best of both worlds can be had when an enthusiastic techie and a vivacious architect collaborate. The Benchmark is the consequence of the founders’ combined strengths. The most intriguing and practical way to redesign your living areas is right here. To help you choose the greatest furniture and decorations for your home, they are offering the sharpest AI designer.
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