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Bedroom and Bathroom: Marvellous On-Suite Inspirations

Want to decorate your bedroom and bathroom but lack inspiration? Don’t worry! Today, Best Interior Designers brings you the best on-suite ideas for you to recreate and design the ultimate relaxing retreat in your own home.


Join both the bedroom and bathroom, in an on-suite, creating a never-ending resort-like space for you to relax after a stressful day.


Bedroom and Bathroom: On-Suite Inspirations Wood Bedside Table

The bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in your home. It’s the place where you rest and recharge for the following day so it should be one of your priorities when it comes to design. This bedside table by BRABBU is the perfect example of thorough attention to detail and contemporary modern luxury.

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Bedroom and Bathroom: On-Suite Inspirations Boca do Lobo Gold Headboard

This modern dark-toned bedroom shows how detail makes such a big of a difference. Although the room is mostly decorated black, the hues are slightly different and there’s also a well-thought mix of textures, adding depth and richness to this lovely design. The incredible sideboard by Boca do Lobo with gold accents, is an unforgettable piece and contributes to the elegant and luxurious look, as well as the unbelievable nightstand that exhales gentleness, sensitivity, and class.

Bedroom & Bathroom: On-Suite Inspirations Lighting Corner

To help set the mood, there’s nothing better than lighting. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Shard London Bridge building, the Shard Suspension Lamp is an iconic, unique lighting fixture with a strong presence and character. Complementing the look, the Prisma Ottoman is capable of adapting to any room and ambiance.

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Bedroom & Bed: On-Suite Inpirations White Closet With Gold handles

The cabinet and drawer handles are often forgotten when it comes to design, losing a very precious design opportunity. The Skyline Collection by Pullcast, is the unmissable chance to cherish details and make them the star of any luxurious project. Get inspired by these Bedroom and Bathroom ideas!



Bedroom & Bathroom: On-Suite Inspirations golden bathroom by Maison Valentina

According to the Luxury Bathroom Furniture brand Maison Valentina, “If there’s a room that deserves that extra luxury is the bathroom”. This sumptuous black and gold refuge with marvelous double vessel sinks and mirrors inspired by the most iconic buildings from Ancient Rome is the ultimate dream bathroom.

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Bedroom and Bathroom: On-Suite Inspirations Black Luxurious Bathtub

This black resort-like bathroom is the perfect retreat to indulge in self-care after a stressful day. The fiberglass bathtub is the star of the room in its elevated platform and with a spectacular view outside. Can you imagine having a bath here with this breathtaking sight in the background?

Bedroom and Bathroom: On-Suite Inspirations Round Mirror

An all-black interior for a mysterious elegant look is just what you were missing. The color black is powerful, sexy, and sophisticated. Let yourself feel empowered by this bathroom. The unique mirror is inspired by the Tortoises’ hard outer shell and its glamorous pattern makes this piece easy to combine in different luxurious environments, awarding your luxurious master bathroom design a unique shine.

Bedroom and Bathroom: On-Suite Inspirations All Black Retreat

Although this is a luxurious dark bathroom, the focal point is the suspension lamp by LUXXU. The all-black look is an elegant look, but it needs a magnificent lamp in order to not turn too dark. Take a look at this amazing ambiance that was created with this symbiotic relation between dark and light.



Bedroom and Bathroom: On-Suite Inspirations Wood Bathroom

Enjoy this rich-toned bathroom that will make you feel at peace as soon as you step foot in it. The combination of colors with the dim lighting and the wood console compose this peaceful elegant environment. The gold vessel sinks and mirrors are by Maison Valentina.

Bedroom and Bathroom: On-Suite Inspirations White Luminous Bathroom

The combination between black and white resembles the fight between dark and light. White and gold undoubtedly won in this lavish design where the white and gold washbasin and vessel sink perfectly contrast with the black marble backsplash.

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Bedroom and Bathroom: On-Suite Inspirations Oasis Dark Bathroom

This bedroom and bathroom article wouldn’t be completed without an oasis-like bathroom. Here, design is looked at like art, creating this stunning black and gold oasis. The mirror is the focal point of this modern master bathroom with its unique design and incorporated light.

If you got inspired by any of these bathroom designs make sure to check out other ideas and inspirations at Best Interior Designers.

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