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Aston Martin Residences | Exclusive Interview With Martin Freyre

Every detail in the Aston Martin Residences is meticulously curated to provide residents with the ultimate luxury lifestyle experience. From the breathtaking Bayfront views to the meticulously designed interiors, every detail reflects the pursuit of perfection. Residents are immersed in a world of opulence and sophistication, whether they are working out at the cutting-edge fitness center, relaxing at the spa, or lounging on the pool deck. We spoke with Martin Freyre, lead architect at Bodas Miani Anger, about the design concept of this amazing luxury residential project.




Bodas Miani Anger (BMA) is a global architecture and urban planning firm based in Buenos AiresSantiago de Chile and Miami. The architectural practice focuses on the design of building and urbanization projects with all types of programs and scales in different geographies. There, spaces are designed thinking about strengthening urban environmentsoptimizing programstransforming habitat towards sustainable models and incorporating new technologies. When asked about the design concept of the Aston Martin Residences, Martin Freyre told us that “the reason for the shape of the building is based on the reflection of the natural elements of Miami – the wind, the sun, the sky, the river and the ocean”.


“We worked closely with engineers during the initial phase, and part of the inspiration shows what Aston Martin is about, which is as much about aerodynamics and power as it is about beauty.” – Martin Freyre





There was this challenge to incorporate the iconic Aston Martin brand into the architectural elements of the tower. The emphasis is in the close relationship with Aston Martin’s design DNA and the graceful lines and curves of the building that reflect the elegance that Aston Martin is known for. You wouldn’t think that millimeters should matter in a building, but they do. For example, we’ve looked at the door handles, and how the leather stitching and leather details come together. There’s an instant recognizable smell, feel and touch of an Aston Martin as soon as you approach and enter the building. Carbon fiber will also be used extensively for fixtures and furniture, deploying Aston Martin’s long experience of working with the material”, Martin Freyre told us.





“Apart from the perfect location, beautiful light-filled apartments with stunning views from floor-to-ceiling windows, and the endless list of amenities, it’s the attention to every detail.” – Martin Freyre



We were very curious about the selection of materials used in the construction of the tower and how they enhance the overall aesthetic. Martin Freyre told us that “Aston Martin’s design language is based on beauty and the honesty and authenticity of materials. We are incorporating Aston Martin’s DNA through subtle details and fine craftsmanship, with an emphasis on comfort”. “Approximately 1,400,000 square feet of Thassos marble has been hand-selected for its characteristics that perfectly compliment the clean proportions of Aston Martin Residences”, he continued on the material topic and added that “Aston Martin selects the world’s finest leather for its automotive interiors, classic accessories and home furnishings. Its signature Balmoral leather from the Scottish Highlands is a true testament to the company’s lasting commitment to the honesty and authenticity of materials used within Aston Martin Residences”. Owners will have the opportunity to work with the Aston Martin design team to customize the interiors of their home to a particular specification. Residents will have the option to install custom-built furnishings or wall fixtures made from natural Red Oak, a premium quality wood that is grown in the northernmost rural states of the United States.



We then asked about how the Aston Martin Residences contributes to the overall skyline and architectural landscape of Miami, and Martin Freyre was prompt – “The structural composition was based on three components: proportion, view and glass. The tower has been designed to accommodate the earth, wind and water as part of Miami’s natural environment and climate. As a result, the building will change Miami’s skyline forever.”



“World-class amenities will include a two-level fitness center overlooking Biscayne Bay, spinning studio, boxing gym, virtual golf room, art gallery, chef’s kitchen, private dining room and catering kitchen, business center, kids’ room, two cinemas, as well as a full-service spa, beauty salon and barber station.” – Martin Freyre



“The crown jewel at the pinnacle of the property is the “Unique Triplex Penthouse” – Aston Martin’s first and only triplex penthouse in the world. The owner of this unique property on levels 63, 64 and 65 will enjoy spectacular views of Biscayne Bay, the Miami River and the dynamic skyline as well as a full complement of amenities. At more than 27,000 square feet with seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a wrap-around terrace on each floor, the stunning home is accessed via a private elevator”, Martin Freyre told us on the innovative aspect of the Aston Martin Residences that sets it apart from other luxury residential developments.





At last, we asked Martin Freyre about how the collaboration between the architectural team and Aston Martin’s design team unfolded during the project. “Our team of architects from Bodas Miani Anger architects and the Aston Martin design team in England have been working together to offer the most sophisticated residential property imaginable. We really thought that this level of ultra-luxury has to be truly exceptional. And it is. You’re looking at a limited number of buyers who can invest in this type of home. When they do, they have to fall in love with every moment, the view, the size, the drama, the materials and the detailed finishes. It really is about implementing a new level of luxury that’s quite unprecedented. Starting before the groundbreaking on the project, our team of architects from BMA began working closely with the Aston Martin design team in the UK. Every detail needed to be carefully considered and crafted to conform to Aston Martin’s DNA to represent precision craftsmanship and timeless beauty. Our team worked hand-in-hand with the Aston Martin design team every week to ensure the quality and style reflected the British heritage of the Aston Martin brand. For example, we’ve looked at the door handles, and how the leather stitching and leather details come together”, Martin Freyre shared with us.



“Aston Martin is understated elegance, timeless style, clean lines, design and innovation. It’s an internationally known and loved brand that has defined handcrafted luxury within the automotive world for over a century. We’ve translated its precision engineering and design innovation into a residential property that tells a story of beauty and heritage. Working with a partner that shares our vision and adds value with its insight into the ultra-luxury world is incredibly satisfying. The Aston Martin Residences is a true collaboration, and it’s a marriage of teams that each bring very different skills and experience.” – Martin Freyre



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