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Architectural Bureau “Mir” | Timeless Interior Design

Architectural Bureau “MIR” was founded in 2004 to create a new reality, dreaming with their customers. Working on projects in RussiaGermanySwitzerland, the UK, and other parts of the world, they strive for accuracy to the smallest detail and do their best to make the customer’s ideas become true.

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Every project is important to Architectural Bureau “MIR”, whether it is a house, a townhouse, an apartment or an office. They are not afraid of the scale and apparent impossibility. They see ways to solve the most amazing and daring tasks and value the customer’s time and choices.

Architectural Bureau “MIR” understands that it is not easy to entrust any dream or idea to other people. That is why their main priority is the customer’s desires. Listening to customers’ questions and wishes, they offer as many options as needed.  All ideas will be presented to the customer in the form of 3D visualizations, and all emerging issues will be resolved by a single team of professionals.

At the customer’s request, Architectural Bureau “MIR” will prepare a design of structures and facades, help the customers decorate the their interior and accompany the project to completion.



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