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Amy Lau: A Living World Full Of Art And Secrets

Amy Lau: A Living World Full Of Art And Secrets

Amy Lau Design Water Mill Residence

Amy Lau : A Living World With Secrets And Art – After integrating art and design as one, LUXXU Blog will let you get to know Amy Lau, who became known for her unique gorgeous living style, which invokes elegance and conveys pure charm. Let’s find out what the New York-based designer, who is widely recognized as one of the most prominent designers in the world, revealed to us about her professional experience as an interior designer.

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Stepping Inside Amy Lau’s World…

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Her passion for design, art, and craftsmanship has accompanied her since she was a child. What is a lifelong search for a professional purpose and passion for many others becomes a natural procedure for the designer. “I’ve always been attracted by objects and pieces, by the stories they tell, by their history, and by their craftsmanship.” After college, Amy worked for a prominent import-export company named “Antigua de Mexico,” where she had the opportunity to collaborate with several master artisans to create magnificent goods as well as create the interior design for a retail set to display the products. It was a chapter that instilled in her a wide range of skills, including not only art and craftsmanship, but also interior design.

While working as a gallery design director for Lynne Weinberg, Amy saw a chance to go out on her own and launch her own design firm in 2001. People began to seek her assistance after witnessing her work, as she had previously done several curatorial projects for various international shows at the time. “People continued asking me if I could renovate their properties, so I decided to open it up in 2001.” Since its inception, Amy Lau design studio has been known for creating one-of-a-kind high-end interiors famed for their warmth, expressiveness, and meticulous attention to detail, a reputation that has endured to this day.

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“Amy Lau as a professional is very spirited, creative, honorable about the materials and the pieces that are being used. Let’s say she knows her, knows her history, the history of design and interior design lively and never takes no as an answer. Persistent, persistent.”


Her high-end approach encompasses both art and design, with dynamic mixtures of antique and contemporary works, as well as site-specific projects, enlivening each individual space. Any project might be influenced by a variety of factors, but it all begins the same way. “I start putting things together like a jigsaw,” she says. “I have a little bit here and a little piece there, and as I get to know them better, I construct this high-level setting for them.”

Amy Lau Design East End Avenue Residence

According to the designer, having a passionate customer who wants to make history and has a hidden passion for art is the key to designing a really unique and original design. “They give me ideas, but I know how to turn them into high-end interiors.” The customer-designer relationship becomes so special that the project ends up channeling all of their desires, but with a design that is a little out of the box. “You want to put them to the test by encouraging them to push the button further.” “Not too much,” Amy explained, “but enough to see whether they’ll take such a risk with this and other things.” That is the true secret of the most artistic living experience.

Amy’s exquisite domestic interiors portfolio includes a varied spectrum of artistic and sophisticated homes from throughout the world, so picking which one represented her professional path was difficult. “Many things come to mind, but this is the first place I’ve been able to design for myself that isn’t finished (laughs) and where every single object has been dismantled.”

Amy Lau Design Park Avenue Triplex

Amy’s flat, which is near the historic Carnegie Hall, is her most original work to date. Because the flat was designed in 1908/ 1910, the New York-based designer was inspired by a variety of styles from throughout the world at the time, including the steel and secessionist movements. From the Chevron flooring with walnut wood inlay to the lighting, which is taken from all of the independent lightings with a lot of glass, everything was thoughtfully designed to the last minute.

The firm’s work has received numerous prestigious design awards, including the House Beautiful Next-Wave Award, Architectural Digest/AD 100 Award, ELLE Decor A-List, and the Luxe Interiors + Design Gold List. However, one in particular stuck out among all of these amazing moments.

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Amy Lau’s Projects Never Cease To Amaze Us!

Amy Lau Design Tribeca Triplex

“It was a breakthrough event in my career when I received an honorary degree from the New York School of Interior Design.” I was astounded that a university recognized and praised my work, and I thought it was very extraordinary. “For me, that was one of the highlights,” the designer explained.

In addition to her timeless interiors and bespoke product design, Amy Lau published a monograph titled “Expressive Modern: The Interiors of Amy Lau” in 2011. A book that included statements from various artists and designers to highlight historical events that have affected her work.

Many aspiring designers wonder how Amy Lau Design was able to establish such a successful firm, and the designer shared her secret with us. “Mentorship is quite important. In my life, I’ve had one, two, or three major mentors that have helped me get to where I am now, and it’s unlike anything else.” The apprentice is now the mentor, and she has stated that one of the most difficult challenges she has had to deal with is that young people no longer want to go through the lengthy learning process that they once did.

Amy Lau Design Water Mill Residence

Most young professionals nowadays want to work somewhere for a year or a year and a half before moving on to another job to gain new experience, making mentoring a little more challenging.

Amy is now working on several projects in the United States, most notably in New York and Connecticut. In terms of future plans, the designer stated that a new book is in the works, as well as a new location, analogous to an atelier/gallery, where people may view her work and participate in creative brainstorming sessions. Amy Lau ‘s highest goal and greatest accomplishment will always be to create livable, meaningful homes that are full of harmony, creative integrity, beauty, and inspiration for every client and setting.

“It’s very hard on interior designers because we give so much to these employees to train them the right way and it takes so much time, and just when they’re finished being trained, they’re ready to jump to the next. It’s mentorships where you can exchange ideas, talk them over with someone that knows much more than you do. It does take time and you’re going to have to put in the hours, and you are going to have to work very hard because this is not an easy job. It’s a very challenging one, but it is a beautiful one.”




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