8 Italian Brands That Elevate Craftsmanship!
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8 Italian Brands That Elevate The Italian Craftsmanship!


Undeniably, Italian Craftsmanship is the heart and soul of the Italian economy, it values uniqueness, excellence, and durability. It also carries skills, words, gestures and memories filled with history and heritage. These are characteristics of craftsmanship in every corner of the world, but particularly in Italy, where we can see them treasured by several luxury brands, like the ones we will present to you next.


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There are several Italian Brands that value Craftsmanship and, today, we’ll talk about 8 of them and how their work fully embodie the Craftsmanship Values. Just take a look:


Bugatti Home and Fendi Casa from Luxury Living Group

8 Italian Brands That Elevate Craftsmanship!

Photo: ©Bugatti Home


Luxury Living Group develops, produces and distributes high-quality furniture collections for some of the most important international brands. Since the 1960s, the vision of Alberto Vignatelli, the Group’s founder, has been embodied in interior design projects that completely understand the several trends and influences of our contemporary lifestyle. Meticulous handcrafting, the most prestigious materials and creative designs are combined to produce exclusive furniture and accessories ranging from minimal abstraction to fashion inspirations, to current expressions of grand décor. The Fendi Casa collection celebrates the expressive principles of the Roman Maison in a melodic balance between fashion and design. The exceptional lifestyle of the Bugatti Home collection incorporates technological features in true Bugatti style.



8 Italian Brands That Elevate Craftsmanship!

Sofa MyPlace. Photo: ©Flou


The foundation of Flou, which took place in 1978, was based on the goal of manufacturing beds of high intrinsic and formal quality, combined with the desire to introduce a new ‘sleep culture’. This was a period of great social changes: more women were going out to work, the homes required multi-functional spaces, the desire to live life with greater freedom and higher quality was growing. Therefore, the bedroom became somewhere more dynamic and the bed abandoned its traditional static white aesthetic and started dressing in colors.


B&B Italia

8 Italian Brands That Elevate Craftsmanship!

Photo: ©B&B Italia


B&B Italia’s uniqueness lies in an unmatched blend of creativity, innovation and industrial potential. The artful prevision of trends and expert touch in the evolution of taste, allows them to bring to life collections of contemporary design furniture with exquisite quality and design.



8 Italian Brands That Elevate Craftsmanship!

Made in Italy: Orlando Table. Photo: ©Flexform


Flexform’s identity truly values Italy, the country when all their products are “thought & made” with local resources, in Meda. This is how their founders describe the brand’s philosophy: “Flexform is a Made in Italy company also in the choice of the craftsmen who work on our production. Our sofas, our furnishings require great know-how, that “knowledge in the hands” that is required to make a product of such high manufacturing quality. The Brianza district in which we operate is a special territory for the world of furnishings, filled with specialized craftsmen who possess the necessary expertise, skills passed down from one generation to the next, making the products unique and inimitable.”



8 Italian Brands That Elevate Craftsmanship!

Made in Italy: Botanical Diva. Photo: ©Seletti


From its very first year in 1964, Seletti in Cicognara, Mantova, has followed its principles of everlasting research to achieve the best in innovation and creativity. The company focuses on design projects and on the outstanding art of Italian excellence. Its collections include art pieces blended with daily life items, which marry function and form, sharing a unique view of a contemporary lifestyle. Nowadays, Seletti aims to preserve its journey and quest for true beauty.


Poltrona Frau

8 Italian Brands That Elevate Craftsmanship!

Made in Italy. Photo: ©Poltrona Frau


Poltrona Frau is known for its craftsmanship, preserving the intelligence of hands, man’s ability, tradition and savoir faire. Its pieces are timeless icons, long sellers and contemporary best sellers, which are made of the finest European full-grain leather. The company always supports research and development as a guarantee to reach the best quality standards. All its products showcase a careful ergonomic attention and sensibility for user-friendly comfort and sensory qualities, understanding the true meaning of luxury. Talent is treasured at Poltrona Frau, where the best master artisans, designers and architects collaborate together. The production process also respects the environment and its resources.



8 Italian Brands That Elevate Craftsmanship!

Made in Italy: Smatrik Chair. Photo: ©Kartell


Kartell is a leading design company, founded in 1949 by Giulio Castelli and now run by Claudio Luti, a true symbol of Italian design around the world. Its success story was told through incredible product collections, from furniture, furnishings and lighting to home accessories, and it is now a contemporary design icon. The brand collaborates with the most renowned international designers. Its collections are multifunctional, easy to use and beautiful to behold. Color, irony, transparency, unique shapes, charming to the senses and playful, these features all come together to bring to life unique pieces. Kartell’s products are immediately recognizable around the world for their durability and undeniable quality. The current evolution in the use of plastics, the experimentation with new technologies and processes are vital for Kartell, which always strived to innovate its functional performance and the aesthetic qualities of its products.

Thanks to this research, new properties were introduced to plastic, such as satin-finish, transparency, flexibility, resistance to atmospheric agents, softness and touch, and surprising and special colors. In addition to being practical and functional, Kartell’s plastic is also sensual and precious, and radically transforms the perception of a plastic product from a merely functional object to an authentic luxury item. Kartell’s know-how involves always seeking innovation, enabling designers to express their creativity with new technologies and materials in order to create real masterpieces.


8 Italian Brands That Elevate Craftsmanship!

Made in Italy: Cipria Sofa. Photo: ©Edra


Edra is a company with a unique history. It is a celebrated leader, in the vanguard of its field. It has followed its own path, with courage, dedication, respect and personality. It has created a history that will last in time, thanks to the manufacture of the highest quality products, never influenced by passing fashions and trends. This path has made it a prestigious brand and a reference point on the international design community. Edra is the evolution of modern technology and artistic tradition. The production is the result of blending talent, invention, specialized craftsmanship, research on groundbreaking technologies and materials. The pieces are created with such care that they become unique, inimitable works of art. The sofas and cabinets manufactured by Edra adapt to all kinds of spaces, contemporary or traditional homes, public venues and even international museums.


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