Top Interior Designers - Celeste Dell’Anna
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Top Italian Designers – Celeste Dell’Anna

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Celeste Dell’Anna is a top name of the Italian Design Industry, as well as the founder of the design company named after him: Celeste Dell’Anna Studio. This organization is a good example of one of the most amazing luxury interior designers that has the Italian vein deeply attached. Today, Best Interior Designers is taking a look at this company’s history and projects.


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Above all, Celeste Dell’Anna Studio is a company in which the elements define themselves as being “creators of sophisticated bespoke projects that are designed to enhance exclusive, luxury lifestyles”. Aside from borrowing inspiration from the client’s tastes and individualism, they also have their say in the matter through what they call Celeste Dell’Anna’s expertise.


Best Interior Designers | Celeste Dell’Anna

Top Interior Designers - Celeste Dell’Anna


Located in both Milan (Via Giuditta Pasta 120, 20161 Milano, Italy) and London, Celeste Dell’Anna provides an array of interior and architectural design services who become actively involved in all of the stages of the conception of an initial project, helping to forge an initial concept and then delivering the project in any sort of international location. They also conceive, design and create bespoke furniture and interior finishes that manage to become timeless in their own way. All of this by taking inspiration from the latest techniques and materials, as well as putting their knowledge of historic architecture to good use.


Top Interior Designers - Celeste Dell’Anna

Top Interior Designers - Celeste Dell’Anna


Thanks to both the reputation that they’ve created during these years as well as their expertise in the field of luxury interior design, they’ve developed a highly valued network of trusted Italian artisans and manufacturers with whom they collaborate on many occasions. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that Celeste Dell’Anna is more focused on an interior style with historic inspirations: they’ve tackled more than one style in many of their projects. The most notable styles that this company goes for in their takes on projects can go from a style of Contemporary Elegance to one that is more Modern Classical, having even some Artistic Visuals through the middle of it all.


Top Interior Designers - Celeste Dell’Anna


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