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Best Interior Designers, North America

Top Interior Designers | Jeff Andrews

California is the place where everyone wants to go and experience an unbelievable atmosphere that is not in any part of the world. Interior design is developing with high speed here and differs from interior decorating in that interior designers must account for so many design facets outside of the purely aesthetic. As it is known, an interior designer is responsible for planning several aspects of interior space, including aesthetics, construction elements, functionality, handicap accessibility, safety, building code conformity, blue prints, acoustics and construction methods. Today we would like to pay your attention to internationally celebrated interior designer Jeff Andrews.


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Backgroung & Realizations

Jeff Andrews designs sophisticated and livable interiors for families and celebrities alike. Jeff is skilled at pushing creative boundaries in ways that respect and redefine traditional design aesthetics. His innovative and refreshing approach makes him one of the most sought-after interior designers in the industry, and his ability to visualize and interpret the needs of a diverse range of clients is unmatched.

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What sets Jeff Andrews apart in the world of interior design is his natural talent for taking bold design concepts and infusing them with warmth, sophistication, and most importantly, a sense of home. His concept of high design is quality, function, and comfort executed with the most aesthetically pleasing elements and modern amenities. Inspired by his Southern California upbringing, Andrews and his team create interior and exterior spaces with equal magic. Jeff pays attention to detail and demand for excellence. The meticulous contribution of everyone on a Jeff Andrews-Design project ensures the end result exceeds his clients’ expectations. Jeff’s main priority consists in dedication to his clients and the achievement of their design goals.
The Most Iconic Projects

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VISION-AERIE – dazzling views and drop-dead interiors make for a modern play on the high life.

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CASA DI PACE – Everyone may recognize here a contemporary Mediterranean mélange with rich, masculine colors with generously scaled, and filled rooms with substantial custom and vintage pieces.

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AMERICAN FAMILY STYLE – This empty shell was filled with an energetic and varied palette by a designer.

SWEET HARMONY – Only here our readers may see ultra-modern rugs, sculpture and a wall of guitars.

best-interior-designers-Top-Interior-Designers -Jeff-Andrews-DASH
DASH – Jeff Andrews transformed this West Hollywood Boutique into a striking Melrose Avenue Stunner.
In this project we can see that the lake Tahoe retreat infuses the rustic genre with unexpected levels of design sophistication.

As the designer is fond of creating sophisticated, liveable interiors for families & celebrities alike, Jeff Andrews has a special style of design, distinguished among the other designers. Andrews is one of the most talented and sought-after designers



OG – all creators together (partnerships)

The collaborative process helps to define a vision that works within their lifestyles, needs and dreams. Jeff partnered with Astek Wallcoverings in 2014 for Glazed, a collection of wallpaper inspired by his love of vintage ceramics and pottery.

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Quotes about Jeff Andrews

His long list of celebrity clients includes Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Ryan Seacrest, Michael C. Hall, Kris Jenner, Kendall Jenner, and Kourtney Kardashian. Jeff Andrews’ interiors are stunning achievements in their beauty, comfort, and livability.

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“I met Jeff through Ryan Seacrest. He designed Ryan’s house and it is so gorgeous, it took my breath away! Jeff is a mastermind of design and committed to keeping a complete flow to the entire project. He is so creative and talented and has such an amazing way of putting the clients at ease. I really felt he had it all under control and was so excited to see the completed project! And what a great guy! A wonderful and dear friend!” – Kris Jenner

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“Jeff’s ability to interpret, enhance, and execute the vision I had for my living space exceeded my expectations. Throughout the renovation process, his sensitivity, professionalism, and enthusiasm put me at ease. Because of Jeff’s simultaneous flexibility and leadership, I’m now living in a home that is an authentic representation of my own aesthetic sense. Quite simply, he and his team are great at what they do.” – Michael C. Hall

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“Working with Jeff has taught me so much about design. I have always been afraid of color and Jeff has helped me get over that. When I have a crazy vision, Jeff tweaks it, adds his ideas and helps make it perfection! Working with him is so much fun and he totally gets my sense of style!” – Kourtney Kardashian

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“We couldn’t be happier with Jeff and his team. His taste is classic, cool and livable, and he’s very easy to work with. We feel very comfortable sharing our thoughts with him. Jeff and his team are able to take our feelings and transform them into design concepts and then into real rooms!” – Barry Poznick

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“Jeff Andrews has a way of meeting the client and being able to form their words into a piece of art. I want glitz and glamour but still masculine and substantial, and whatever I say, he somehow understands and executes it. He takes a few words and turns it into an entire house. He knows what I like, he knows his clients individually and knows how to work with them. Jeff has a gift with interior design and with dealing with so many different personalities.” – Khloe Kardashian

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Overall, his list of celebrity clients includes Ryan Seacrest, Michael C. Hall, Lamar and Khloe Odom, Bruce and Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian.



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Talent is a heritage

Launched in June 2015, the Jeff Andrews Collection for A. Rudin has been featured in Elle Décor, Veranda, Interiors, Interior Design, Angeleno and Traditional Home magazines. Jeff has received numerous awards from California Home + Design for his work, as well as the Hue Award in 2014 from Benjamin Moore. His work also appeared in the following magazines: Architectural Digest, Metropolitan Home, House Beautiful, Vogue Living, California Home + Design, and more.

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The Creator’s Choice

Once a manufacturer Astek Inc. of Van Nuys invited Jeff Andrews to develop his own line of wallpapers. According to Jeff Andrews words, it has always been his goal to create a product — something with his aesthetic and something he would buy himself for his house. While casting about for design ideas, Andrews found inspiration in the vintage pottery decorating his Miracle Mile home. Glazed, in other words a collection of seven striking wallpaper patterns, reflects an obsession with fired clay that dates to a junior high school pottery class.

Top Projects Gallery


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