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Piero Lissoni: Simplicity, Elegance and Silence

Italy at it’s best through the eyes, projects, vision and ideas of award-winning Piero Lissoni, the internationally known architect and designer with a vision for spaces, ambiances and time. Through his works we will see the developing world of architecture in Italy and in the world reflected in his hospitality projects, furniture designs and futuristic ideas.


BRABBU upholstery Malay chair




Piero Lissoni was born in 1956 and is one of Italy’s golden boys. He is a world-famous architect and designer who graduated in 1978 from the very prestigious Politecnico di Milano. In 1986 He opens Lissoni Associates with Nicoletta Canesi and ever since that he has lead groundbreaking projects. Today his studio is made of a staff of over 60 people and has projects that cover all design fields such as architecture, interiors, industrial design and graphic project.




Residential and Hospitality

Piero Lissoni has been one of the chosen architects to be involved in many extremely exclusive projects. Ritz-Carlton referred to him for the project of their residences in Miami.





The Mandarin Oriental added him to the stardom of architects that worked on the Dellis Cay project, an ultra-exclusive hospitality facility based in Turks and Caicos, where he was joined by other world-known names such as Shigeru Ban, David Chipperfield, Carl Ettensperger, Zaha Hadid, Kengo Kuma and Chad Oppenheim.



Lissoni was in charge of designing different Beach and Ocean view villas that combined with the other projects populate the isolated island of Dellis Cay, making it an extra luxurious retreat of unique design.


Piero Lissoni concept oceanvilla for dellis cay


Thanks to Lissoni;s fresh and simple style many projects have met the consent of the general public. One such example is the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam, well known for being a local attraction due to its modern design and comfortable living spaces.






DL New Product

Creativity at its best

Piero Lissoni is the example of a man who always thinks outside the box, who stretches the limits and breaks the boundaries of materials. In his Giardino Geometrico or Geometric Garden project, presented at the prestigious Salone del Mobile in 2014, he mastered the blend between nature and geometrical structures. In collaboration with Living Divani and Laminam, he created a space where people can enjoy nature and design together, in the most wonderful historical Milanese area of Brera, specifically within its Botanical Garden.

Giardino Geomtrico Lissoni 3


Giardino Geomtrico Lissoni 2



Lissoni and his team work on the infinite range of products and projects. He has worked for some of the greatest design brands in the world, such as Kartell for which he designed the famous and challenging PIUMA chair among many other projects. PIUMA Chair presented by Lissoni:



Cassina with multiple projects that often allow the user to play around with them. For example, the sofa with padded elements to be joined together to form a range of configurations, with a movable headrest or without headrest.


Other illustrious collaborations involved: Porro and Living Divani just to name a few, where he could freely express his creativity and strong sense of sensible product design. His style is fluid, simple and comfortable both for the body and the mind. His spaces have that orderly feeling combined with spicy design touches that make his projects real chefs-d’œuvre.



mare e pienta piero lissoni


In case you should not have seen enough we can tell you Lissoni and his team have many more aces in their sleeve! More projects were developed by the Italian studio in the field of commercial planning. Benetton, the famous Italian clothing brand, entrusted Lissoni and his équipe to design the new building store in the shopping street Corso Buenos Aires in Milan.


Another emblematic project of the Italian firm is the Lema Flagship store based in London.



The way Piero Lissoni contributes to the world of architecture and design is not invasive, overwhelming and suffocating, yet it is fresh innovative and very personal, combining lines with the surrounding elements, may it be nature or a building, its essentials soul lies in the projects presented by the architect and his team.


To sum up his philosophy and vision:

“The aesthetic is no different in architecture, art direction, interior design, or design:

it is one philosophy and the guidelines are simplicity, elegance, and silence”


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