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Fernanda Marques was born in São Paulo and graduated in architecture from the University of São Paulo. Early in her career, he apprenticed with Gian Carlo Gasperini, one of the masters of contemporary architecture in Brazil. IN 1990 she opened her own office, FERNANDA MARQUES ARCHITECTS, which acts as a channel for its multidisciplinary work.




Early in her career, he apprenticed with Jean Carlo Gasperini, one of the masters of contemporary architecture in Brazil. In 1990 she opened her own office, Fernanda Marques associated architects, which acts as a channel for its multidisciplinary work.

As a result of your choices, the company currently focuses on a collaborative integrated concepts between various departments: development, production and communication. Fernanda believes that to create something really new, you can not only ration production in terms of materials and energy consumption, but should also consider the usability and lifespan.

Defining architecture as a creative and comprehensive activity, Fernanda does not limit her work on the playing field. Besides the architecture and interior design, your company develops objects, shows and projects with graphic content, auditory and visual. Disciplines that were united in their first collection of design: the extremely expressive and accurate parts made of stainless steel, created around a bookcase for Casacor in 2010.


Background & Realizations: the projects

London Penthouse

A refuge where a young couple of collectors and their two children could relax, live in harmony with its collection of works of art and design and at the same time feel at home in the heart of London.




More than any other, the project required the architect an accurate study of materials and colors used in the interior, in order to ensure free walls in sufficient numbers, as well as spacious and bright spaces.




Unlike the Property original configuration – characterized by divisions between private areas and comuns- the interiors have been redesigned as large spaces connected by restricting the use of ports only when necessary.




The most iconic projects

Limantos House | Fernanda Marques


Architecture. The layout of this house built on a plot of steep slopes, in São Paulo, refers to the rationalist architecture of the German Mies van der Rohe. Famous, among others, the pavilion built in Barcelona to host the Universal Exposition of 1929, still open to visitors, in Montjuïc slopes.


Here, as there, coexist simple geometry. The same dynamic of integration based on the ostensible use of glass. The same desire for permanent fusion with the landscape and feel close to the water. In addition to a permanent attachment to material considered essential in the vocabulary of architecture: concrete and steel.


The same desire for permanent fusion with the landscape and feel close to the water. In addition to a permanent attachment to material considered essential in the vocabulary of architecture: concrete and steel.


Kept the distance of nearly a century is not surprising that the dominant theme of the two buildings remains transparency.


The idea of opening the house to its surrounding space to better catch the light and create spectacular views to its residents, from different points of view.


“Working at the boundary between maximum transparency and the level of privacy ideal for every environment was my biggest challenge,” says São Paulo architect Fernanda Marques, the project’s author. “There was also the need to enter the house on the ground, respecting the existing trees and of course the important gap,” she points out.


Another of reference points, a spiral staircase provides access to the mezzanine where are the home theater, the gym and terrace with fireplace. Reserved for the intimate area, the lower floor has room for kids, and three bedroom suites, and the largest, the access is through a large hall which distributes the circulation to the baths, master and mistress, and the closet.


The living room connects to the dining room by an equally outstanding all glass that integrates deck, infinity pool and side garden; while, in the dining room, a window-door opens directly to the outside. Thus, almost bounded only by glass panels, the house seems to be immersed in the surrounding countryside.


Not so, however, the architect gave up a sense of host own a family home. “In the interior design I chose to create more intimate scenarios based on the use of -especially indirect light in the living room which has double-ceilings and the use of warmer finishes such as wood. After all, home to me, has having home guy, “she concludes.



Jaragua House | Fernanda Marques


Architect. Owning a home where the feeling of spaciousness might be displayed continuously and permanently. That was the thread of this architectural design and interior architect Fernanda Marques conducted by to meet a young couple of entrepreneurs and their two children.


Happy people today this comfortable property with contemporary lines, with three floors and 1,200 square meters, located in Alphaville, residential neighborhood on the outskirts of São Paulo.


“Concentrate all my choices to achieve that goal,” points out the architect that the constructive standpoint opted for distribution on three floors and the ample distribution of terraces throughout the length of the top floor in order to franchise the view the beautiful scenery that unfolds from the hill where the property is located. “As for the interior, figured large spaces, developed in continuity, no dividers” he says.


Thus, on the ground floor, Fernanda focused living room, fireplace room, dining room, home theater and breakfast room, plus kitchen, office, wine cellar -with compartments in different temperaturas- headgear, toilets and dependence employees.


Invitation to leisure, a large swimming pool opens onto the front terrace. Already on the top, is the intimate area of the house, composed of three suites connected to terraces and intimate room and; the lower, garage, storage and a small workshop.


Contemporaries, such as construction itself, art and design merge in the interior design, in order to compose a relaxed ambiance, but no less sophisticated. “I tried to create a kind of internal topography, with furniture made in continuity solution and with slight variations in height, almost at ground level,” explains the architect who, in addition to major international brands, has equipped the home with their creations, as their stainless steel banks.


Common to all environments, the extended ceilings is one of the biggest attractions of the project. Especially in the living room, which has double height. “In this project, the natural light is present in all spaces, but never directly.


There are very specific situations light, derived from the construction shape and design solutions,” says Fernanda, highlighting the facades equipped with louvers of aluminum, solid line.


Key in winning the lighting conditions almejadas by the architect’s choice of coatings (both external, and external) favored the neutral tones especially white and sand; present, for example, limestone and limestone of the floors in white acrylic paint on the walls and wood paneling with walnut blade.


A deep indigo blue, the pool serves as counterpoint. “But without producing major disruptions,” concludes Fernanda.



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