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VitrA introduces Liquid, in collaboration with Tom Dixon

VitrA introduces Liquid, in collaboration with Tom Dixon

VitrA introduces Liquid – a new range designed in collaboration with Tom Dixon. Liquid is the first ever bathroom range by the acclaimed British designer. Tom was impressed by VitrA’s extensive experience and highly specialised in-house design team, spending time at the sophisticated manufacturing plant and Innovation Centre at the core of the company’s operation. The collaboration with VitrA has allowed Tom to explore new design opportunities while gaining an appreciation of the complexities of manufacturing products for the bathroom.

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VitrA and Tom Dixon share a similar vision for creating innovative and original designs that retain their appeal over the years. For Liquid, part of Tom’s inspiration was Victorian bathrooms.

VitrA Salone Del Mobile 2022 Stand Highlights

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Recognising the current obsession with skinny and reduced designs, Tom has created the opposite, incorporating fatter, softer lines that are inherently more generous, strong, and long-lasting. The smooth, rounded edges are easy to clean, alongside taps with simple controls, while soft edges ensure a safe bathroom environment. While the overall design is stripped back and reduced, a style Tom refers to as ‘expressive minimalism’, the functionality is intuitive so that users can instinctively understand how to operate the products. “I wanted the collection to look like a kid’s sketch of a bathroom basin or a tap,” says Tom, “displaying a clear logic and simplicity in looks and usage.


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From the basins to the taps to the accessories, Liquid is built on big, curvy, almost cartoon-like shapes. The generous use of material throughout the range makes the products compellingly practical, tactile and intuitive to use.


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Combining influences of Victorian plumbing with elements of pop art, Liquid has both a traditional and a contemporary aesthetic. Instead of aligning to a passable trend, the products are designed to last, both from a design and a quality perspective.


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The all-white ceramics are paired with taps, showers and accessories in either gloss black or classic chrome – creating a bold, striking aesthetic while continuing the core timeless value of the range.

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Launched in London last autumn, the Liquid range received its first award earlier this year from Wallpaper*, the world’s number one global design, art and contemporary lifestyle magazine. Tom Dixon joins designers including Ross Lovegrove, Sebastian Conran, Arik Levy, Terri Pecora and Claudio Bellini, each of whom has collaborated closely with VitrA’s in-house team for over a decade to create bathrooms that reflect their own vision and aesthetic style.

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