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Venice | An Explosion of Passion and Drama in This Luxurious Mirror

A luxurious mirror gives a space a feeling of spaciousness, equilibrium, brightness, and vigor, as well as making it more aesthetically beautiful. Venice is an essential component to finish the style and create the desired atmosphere if you are decorating your living room, bedroom, or even bathroom. Look at that!

An accomplished craftsman with a long history of enthusiasm for glasswork hand-cuts and carves Venice Mirror.


Venice Mirror represents the ambition to bring value to true craftsmanship through contemporary design. Mirrors are, in some cultures, believed to have enchanting powers thanks to their ability to reflect light and show appearance precisely and incredibly.

Through a passionate explosion of romance and dramaVenice Mirror stirs emotion in anyone that catches its eye.


Breve Dining Table


Breve I Dining Table is also very versatile, where you can choose a white olimpic marble as the main finish, to provide a richer and even more glamorous look. Breve is a strong coffee-based espresso drink mixed with steamed half-and-half milk. So, just like the exciting drink, the Breve I Dining Table serves the same amount of glamour and flavor to any dining setting. A bold and dramatic leg gives an appealing look to the table, by organically mixing portoro marble with chic brushed aged brass. The sleek and crafty round walnut top serves a modern character to the table.

Isadora Dining Chair


Isadora Dining Chair is a piece that you need for your interior design if you’re looking for an artistic furniture piece to match your luxury design project. The upholstered dining chair by the Italian designers of Studiopepe is characterized by an asymmetrical design, embellished with brass details. All in all, this bespoke dining chair combines the best of luxury design with a modern twist.

Harpia Suspension Lamp


Harpia Suspension Lamp takes every environment back to ancient Greece where power was a way of living. The vigorous eagle is emphasized by the razor-sharp crystal glass yet the sumptuous gold-plated brass steals all the attention of the room, has only a woman can do. This a superb opportunity to create a harmonious lighting installation by using more than one composition.




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