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Top Interior Designers | Anthony Spon Smith

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Anthony is the Buying Director for one of Australia’s leading furniture and home wares retailers – Coco Republic. In that role, Anthony has been traveling to many of the world’s leading furniture trade shows for over 10 years and is also the brains behind starting Design Field Notes.

Five times a year, Anthony Spon-Smith, Coco Republic’s head buyer, travels to interesting destinations such as Paris, Singapore and Shanghai to source furniture for the company’s Australian stores. On his most recent trip, Anthony visited North Carolina, Milan and dodged volcanic dust along the way.



The new Coco Republic International Gallery

Interior Design label Coco Republic recently launched a new International Gallery, housed in their Fortitude Valley showroom. Over 300 guests attended the launch hosted by Coco Republic Executive Director, Anthony Spon Smith.

The designers; Oly San Francisco, Timothy Oulton, Jonathan Adler and Max Sparrow, each bought their own unique aesthetic to the Gallery, which spans 3000 square metres. Classic textures and British authenticity were a stand out in the Timothy Oulton exhibition, with guests each receiving a leather luggage tag embossed with their initials. Bright prints, bold colours and statement statuettes were the ingredients for Jonathan Adler, while soft blush chevrons and neutral hues accented the soft palette of Oly San Francisco. Max Sparrow was all about the details, with bookshelves and side tables styled to perfection to seamlessly translate into the everyday home. From the Block, to Vogue Living, to the cosy suburbs of Brisbane, the Coco Republic International Gallery is sure to offer something for everyone and continue to put our favourite capital city on the map.

The new Coco Republic International Gallery is located at 400 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley



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Background & Realizations : Bests Projects

Paris Apartment, Array by Mirvac

Drawing inspiration from Paris, Coco Republic Interior Design produced a classically, elegant scheme for a display apartment in Mirvac’s new ARRAY development in Melbourne. The design focused on natural textures with mirrored and metallic accents, taking cues from the romance of the city for a soft, feminine aesthetic. The selected furnishings were timeless with detailing such as nailhead trim and deep buttoning. Pieces from Coco Republic and exclusive international brand Oly San Francisco, enhance a sense of luxury throughout the apartment.



New York Apartment, Array by Mirvac


Coco Republic Interior Design created a sophisticated scheme for the New York display apartment at the new ARRAY development by Mirvac in Melbourne. Taking inspiration from the city, grey tones with black, white and silver enhance a strong, contemporary aesthetic. Designers used dark timbers, hints of black metal and clean lines in the selected furniture whilst black and white photography and oversized pieces of art create a gallery feel. The scheme incorporated minimalism to reflect its NYC inspiration, with sculptural decor enriching the moody interior.1617


East Penthhouse, Array by Mirvac


Coco Republic Interior Design supported globally renowned fashion illustrator Megan Hess to design a luxury penthouse for Mirvac in the new ARRAY development. To achieve the opulent, high end aesthetic with a sophisticated hotel feel, Coco Republic provided custom pieces for a bespoke scheme. Enhancing the luxury apartment, warm metallics and rich colours paired with neutrals were used throughout. The home featured key pieces from Coco Republic’s exclusive international brands Jonathan Adler and Oly San Francisco.


Hope Island


Coco Republic Interior Design created a versatile scheme for a luxury development on the Gold Coast, specifying all external and internal finishes. The client sought a fresh approach with a high end aesthetic and refined ambience; a sophisticated sanctuary. The interior was layered with soft natural colours, accented by cedar timber architectural detailing and the use of marble and travertine. Bespoke touches, including a custom made timber screen in the ensuite, enhanced the sense of relaxed luxury whilst harmonising with the Queensland environment. Soft blues and greys balanced the use of earthy, neutral tones in wallpaper, upholstery and accessories and modern furnishings were introduced with contemporary coastal accents to reflect the location.



North Shore Residence


A beautiful 1930s residence in Sydney’s North Shore was restored to its original grand proportions with a full redesign of the interior, exterior and modifications to the build. Reinstating the home’s neo classic style with art deco detailing was fundamental after a series of modern renovations in the 1990s. Functionality and flow were key considerations, which meant that the floorplan on both stories was adjusted and extensive updates to the front and back outdoor spaces were undertaken to enrich the traditional aesthetic. A fresh white palette paired with soft greys, blues, pinks and greens enhanced a sense of elegance but also casual comfort. Bespoke furniture was commissioned throughout the entire home from local and international suppliers, from a custom oval dining table to woollen silk floor runners and rugs. Key pieces from Coco Republic’s Oly San Francisco collection were also introduced.



Clontarf Residence

Coco Republic Interior Design added comfort and luxury to a family home with expansive views of Middle Harbour. Commissioned to complete a Clontarf residence with all new furnishings, the scheme balanced contemporary design and architecture with statement pieces from Coco Republic. With extensive white spaces throughout the home, leather, velvet and metallics were introduced for warmth. Interesting décor pieces added personality and character whilst accents of teal enhanced the neutral scheme. With entertaining a factor in the selection of furnishings, Coco Republic Interior Design created formal and everyday spaces whilst maintaining continuous flow throughout the home.


Cronulla Residence

Coco Republic Interior Design created a contemporary coastal scheme for a display home by Clarendon in Cronulla in Sydney’s South. The introduction of beautiful wallpapers, window treatments and feature lighting complemented sophisticated beach house style furnishings. Layers of soft natural colours and contrasting accents of charcoal and indigo add interest, whilst a consideration of pattern and texture enhances a sense of luxury. To create continuous flow, designers selected pieces that emulated the materials in the architecture, including sandstone and timber. Creating ambience and enriching the level of sophistication, beautiful artworks, rugs and accessories were introduced to the naturally inspired scheme.



Vaucluse Residence

Coco Republic Interior Design was commissioned to style a contemporary coastal scheme for a spacious residence in Vaucluse in Sydney’s East. Enhancing the modern design of the home, a focus on natural textures including linen, sisal and timber added rustic edge. The scheme was fresh, light and airy with a palette of whites and neutrals enriched with beautiful timber elements. For a family with children, a focus on comfort and entertaining was paramount. Key pieces from Coco Republic’s collections were introduced including the Longbeach Sofa, Oly San Francisco Pipa Cocktail Table and Orlando Dining Chair.





topCoco Republic – Interior Design

Coco Republic’s Interior Design division has established itself as a well-respected interior design company. With diverse commissions ranging from private residences, property developments and display apartments to a mix of hospitality projects, we offer a complete design service.


Beginning with an in-depth consultation to establish the brief, our designers work with our clients to develop a unique and personalised scheme for their project. Design development can include hard surfaces selection, bespoke joinery design, spatial planning, lighting design, colour schemes, furniture and soft furnishings.

In order to give our clients the most exciting experience, our team of designers regularly consult with our buying team to identify international trends and translate them into innovative and stylish interiors.

Currently, Coco Republic’s Interior Design team operates nationwide from its Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane studios and are privileged to be working on some of Australia’s most beautiful private residences and prestigious developments.


Coco Republic – Property Styling

Coco Republic Property Styling specialises in styling properties for sale using a range of furniture, artwork and accessories on a rental arrangement. This unique service offering has been designed to maximise the appeal of a property to a potential purchaser, and at the same time drive up the sale price. Originally employed by real estate and property developers as a marketing tool to ensure their listed properties are sold quickly, property styling is now widely utilised by homeowners directly.


At Coco Republic, our expert stylists are experienced in identifying who the buyers are and then styling the property to resonate with the target market. We use product from the exclusive Coco Republic retail range, as seen in our six Australian showrooms, as well as a host of other styles and designs enabling our stylists to create any look required on almost any budget.

Property Styling projects range in scope from styling a completely empty property all the way through to simply adding some fresh linen and artwork to an existing furnished property to lift its appeal. In all cases the end result evokes feelings of aspiration in the buyer to deliver a quick and attractive sale.



Coco Republic Design School

As Australia’s only design school connected with a reputable design-centric brand, Coco Republic Design School is a place of creativity, inspiration and discovery.  With the added benefits of learning from the real life experiences and success of others — come and explore your exciting opportunities to study with the best in the business.


Created for career starters and professionals as well as curious and passionate hobbyists; each Coco Republic Design School course is designed to help you harness the quintessential environments we live in and shape harmonious sanctuaries through sublime interior decoration, styling and colour.


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Process Design

The design process outlines each phase of the sequence of activities that Coco Republic’s design team will undergo to meet the client requirements.  A design process may include a series of steps followed by the designers.

Typical stages throughout the design process include:




The client meets with us on site with the plans to discuss the space and brief us in detail on what they require. At this time we will go over their time frame, existing budget and try to locate any possible challenges that may pop up in the early stages. We’ll also pay particular attention in this meeting to the existing finishes such as timber flooring, stone benchtops and tiles.




The first pieces selected of any scheme are usually the major pieces and this is done in conjunction with wallpapers, fabrics and window coverings. A large part of the design process at this time is to stay in regular contact with our suppliers and buyers in Australia and overseas keeping track of the latest products as well as sourcing the latest design trends. Once we have some direction on the large pieces that are being considered, attention can then be given to the smaller pieces such as side tables, lamps, rugs as well as a range of homewares and accessories.




As we are researching possible products to be used, we start brainstorming within the design team to develop a theme we think is suitable for each project. One of the key factors contributing to the success of Coco Republic Interior Design is being able to bounce ideas between twenty creative minds. During this phase the evolution of each project is different. At times the entire theme with fabrics, paint and wallpapers may be selected during one session. On other occasions a scheme will be based entirely upon the initial selection of one lamp and grow from there, and in other instances one key or anchor piece will be selected and the scheme will be built around that piece.



The key area to focus on during this stage of the design process is scaling the pieces to fit into the floor plan after they have been selected. The pieces don’t just have to work in the space and appeal to the client, but they have to actually fit into the space, and a lot of consideration has to be given to how will this space be lived in. We use a number of different computer programs including CAD and VectorWorks to place each item selected to scale onto a floor plan. From there we can establish the best way to place the furniture on the floor plan. We may even propose a number of different formats. Once the furniture placement has been established, preparation for the presentation is the next step. Using Photoshop we create mood boards that illustrate every individual piece of furniture that has been selected including rugs, accessories, artwork and mirrors. The boards are complimented with the scale floor plans, furniture placement and an array of fabric and colour samples.


Top Projects Gallery