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Saudi Oger Limited has been one of the leading Construction, Facilities Management Service Provider and Infrastructure Project Development companies in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – and region – for many years. January 1978 was the exact time when Saudi Oger Limited was incorporated under the rules and laws of Saudi Arabia, once it started as a construction company based in Riyadh.

Best Architectural Designers | Saudi Oger Limited

In a relatively short period of time Saudi Oger Ltd. has grown into a multi-company, multi-divisional organization with subsidiaries and affiliates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad. Today Saudi Oger Limited line of business covers Construction, Facilities Management, Real Estate Development, Printing, Telecommunication, Utilities and IT services.



In a highly competitive market, Saudi Oger Limited is committed to provide its unique clientele with the highest quality and distinctive services in all the sectors the company works with.

It is the policy of Saudi Oger Limited to promote, improve, and maintain client satisfaction and to meet rigorous expectations of the market through the delivery of services compliant with international standards. The adherence to highly qualified standards of services along with the modern equipment and machinery and the strong financial position, has enabled Saudi Oger Ltd. to maintain its unique reputation among the leading companies in the Construction, Facilities Management, Telecommunication and Utilities business.


Sheikh Saad R. Hariri – Chairman

Sheikh Ouday Alshaikh – Vice Chairman

Sheikh Ayman R. Hariri – Vice Chairman

Mr. Mohammed Hariri – Vice Chairman

Mr. Ali Kolaghassi – Vice Chairman

Mr. Basil Yared – Board Member

Mr. Nadim Akkawi – Board Member

Mr. Mazen Al Jubair – Board Member


The Company employs many executives, professional managers and several thousands of high caliber skilled staff whose disciplines cover and support every aspect of its business lines.

In addition to maintaining leadership in the Construction, Facilities Management sectors, Saudi Oger Limited is committed to increase its market share into other sectors mainly in the Telecommunication and Utilities sectors through strategic alliances with national and international reputable companies.

Saudi Oger integrated design and construction teams are capable of procuring and delivering fast track design and build projects, in-house engineering expertise, analyzing the project demands and finding the optimum solution.


Saudi Oger’s Construction Division has successfully following major projects (some of them still being developed):

Le Meridien Towers, Makkah

Best Architectural Designers | Saudi Oger LimitedBest Architectural Designers | Saudi Oger Limited

The Ritz Carlton, Riyadh

Best Architectural Designers | Saudi Oger LimitedBest Architectural Designers | Saudi Oger Limited

King Faisal Hospital, Riyadh

Best Architectural Designers | Saudi Oger LimitedBest Architectural Designers | Saudi Oger Limited

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Best Architectural Designers | Saudi Oger LimitedBest Architectural Designers | Saudi Oger Limited

Other projects:

Ministerial utilities

  • Royal Diwan and Majless Al Shura (Riyadh)
  • Royal Diwan (Jeddah)
  • Royal Diwan Offices (Riyadh & Jeddah)
  • Medina Diwan

Hospitality: Luxurious hotels and conference centers

  • Massarah Hotel (Taif)
  • Al Hada Sheraton Hotel (Taif)
  • Guest Palace Hotel (Taif)
  • Medina Sheraton Hotel (Medina)
  • Conference Center in Abha
  • Airport Hotel (Riyadh)
  • Conference Palace in Riyadh
  • Conference Palace in Taif
  • Conference Center & Meridien Hotel in Dakar
  • King Abdul Aziz International Conference Center (Riyadh).

Military realization

  • King Abdullah Military City in Al-Ihsa.
  • Armed Forces Command Staff Colleges, Salboukh.
  • Prince Sultan Air Base, Al Bayadh, Al-Kharj.
  • Military facilities in Tabuk Armored Institute.

Medical facilities

  • Al Baha hospital (Taif)
  • Eyes Hospital (Riyadh)

School and Universities

  • Riyadh Schools
  • Princess Noura BInt Abdulrahman University (Riyadh)
  • Al Ain University (Abu Dhabi)

Public facilities / Transportation / Infrastructure

  • Holy Quran printing facilities (Medina)
  • Khazzan Street towers (Riyadh)
  • Rawda Library (Riyadh)
  • King Abdulaziz Historical Center, (Riyadh)
  • Pilgrims Accommodations Projects, ( Mina)
  • Al Riyadh Main Courts Complex, (Riyadh)
  • King Khaled International Airport Fence and Monument, (Riyadh)
  • Development of King Abdullah Road
  • King Abdullah Financial District Driverless Monorail.



Best Architectural Designers | Saudi Oger Limited