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Best Interior Designers

TOP 50 Spain Interior Design, part 4 of 5

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Lynn Henchman Design

After living and working as a top international designer in Asia and the Americas for the past 20 years, Lynn was been able to absorb an array of lovely cultures, and create sophisticated and elegant spaces worldwide.



Since 1987 Sutega offer tailored solutions to our clients, focusing on creating environments within a design concept. Innovation, flexibility and Responsibility of our projects is guaranteed by the synergies between the group companies.


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Estudio Vedruna

Estudio Vedruna take care of distributing of homes in different spaces decorated with furnishings proposed by a team of professionals. They propose designs and ideas with personality to suit the needs of each clients.


Ángel Blanco

Defend differentiation in the furniture sector based on innovative spirit and a fully customized and designed for each client current contemporary design. All creations on the design studio, have a common feature: total synergy among the most innovative design, absolute functionality and high quality.


Begoña Blasco

Begoña Blasco is a company specialize in the design office and shops. They work with different signatures on everything related to corporate image: trade fair stands, exhibitions, offices or environment for catalogs


Espai Interiorismo

In Espai they like to know what the customer wants and what their priorities: reform or  decoration. All work starts from an initial interior design project that they present once have studied and reviewed what is best for your home or business.


Jonty Lewis

Born in Bury, Jonty has long been obsessed with creating beautiful interiors;  He was commissioned for his first project at just 16 and not long was head hunted by one of the UK’s largest home builders



The RealDesign-Marbella main goal is “Elegance and modern living spirit​”. They create a spaces combination between function and comfort to define sophisticated.


Charo Hallin

Charo Hallin constitutes one of the most prestigious interior design homes in Marbella. Backed by more than twenty years of experience Charo Hallin offers its distinguished international clientele, a highly personalised service in the creation of comprehensive interior design projects.


M&M Contemporani

M&M Contemporani have a showroom that give the clients so much offers to their home decoration with their contemporary furniture.