The Netherlands Decoration Empire
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The Netherlands Decoration Empire

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From the first sketch to the last detail. Decoration Empire belongs to a small , select group of interior designers and architects in the world , realizing total projects . Design , construction supervision , upholstery and interior : everything in one hand. Under the inspiring leadership of Anne Noordam and Thong Lei is an all-round company created that operates at international level.

See also: Harry Heissmann’s Glamorous SuiteThe Netherlands Decoration EmpireThey believe only in total designs. In the integration from outside to inside and vice versa. Working solo never exists in Decoration Empire . A team of designers and project managers is formed , which is given the right composition in character for each client and each room and disciplines required . The Netherlands Decoration EmpireThe teams ensure continuity and the most comprehensive experience . The best design will be born by the criticism of each other and learning from each other . They call that also play ping pong .The Netherlands Decoration EmpireThe decoration empire mission is to develop the most beautiful houses and interiors for the client. The houses are fairly certain style and free of any trend . They can design the most special houses and interiors: a mix of different styles , cultures and countries. Their vision is to create a tension in any room or building , so no boredom of a room or house can occur. Therefore, there will be no interior or house are designed similar to each other.

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The Netherlands Decoration EmpireHigh-profile interiors in the international press praised around . Architectual Digest appoints our work among the top 5 in Europe . A certified signature is not found . However, the signature of excellence and daring combinations of all major art ; multinational and applied in different settings. A team of specialists is always formed for the project and listens carefully to the client to then for him or her to go to work. To create his world, the world that fits him or her.The Netherlands Decoration Empire