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The Luxury Designs of DLArchitecture

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DLArchitecture was founded in 2020 by the Italian architect and interior designer Domitilla Lepri. For over eighteen years, Lepri and her DLArchitecture produced stunning interiors all over the world and they both have become one of the most recognizable names of the Italian Interior Design Scene.


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The Luxury Designs of DLArchitecture


Lepri received a degree in Architecture in Rome with honor in 2000 at the “Universita La Sapienza, Facoltà di Architettura”, specializing in architectural restoration and preservation of historical monuments. From that day on, Lepri started her journey in the Interior Design world and, today, her work is respected worldwide


The Luxury Designs of DLArchitecture


Her firm, DLArchitecture is based in Rome, Italy, but has also offices in China. This amazing design studio is faithful to the origins of Italian Design and specializes in concept design creation, interior and architecture projects design, as well as management for residential, commercial, offices and hospitality projects. They are known for practicing various design styles always pursuing perfections and originality, with tailor-made solutions.


The Luxury Designs of DLArchitecture


Supporting Lepri’s vision and creativity, DLArchitecture has a stunning and highly skilled team that includes an international range of architects and interior designers. This unique team bolts an impressive blend of different cultures, but they work together perfectly and understand Lepri’s stand on the design scene, which is reflected in the style of their amazing projects that mainly can be seen in major cosmopolitan cities like Rome, Milan or Shangai.



Overall, the elegance of simplicity is the main feature of DLArchitecture’s work. They are known for selecting the best products among the best Italian and international contemporary brands that appear to be made for the space that they produce. If they don-t find a piece of design that fits the project, DLArchitecture is also known for creating custom-made furniture that will accomplish any client’s needs and desires.


The Luxury Designs of DLArchitecture


The work of DLArchitecture has been highlighted in several design publications and, in recent years, they have been ranked amongst the best architects in China. They are also highly recognizable has one of the top design firms in Italy.


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