Bolshakova Interiors Amazing Contemporay Project in Kiev
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Best Interior Designers, Europe

The Best 15 Interior Designers of Kiev

As their Western European counterparts were basking in the spotlight, emerging visionaries and established studios in the capital city of Kyiv and beyond were quietly enjoying an explosion of creativity. Now those same creatives are leaving their stamp on contemporary design!

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The Best 15 Designers of Kiev

Founded by Alexander Ivasiv and Yuliya Tkachenko, Ater Architects’ standout project wasn’t a private residence or small eatery but rather a children’s outpatient clinic. Easily one of the coolest doctor’s offices we’ve ever seen, Doctor U achieves maximum happiness through punchy hits of coral and terrazzo. Unexpected color pairings are one of many tricks the pair keep up their sleeves.

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The Best 15 Designers of Kiev

Balbek Bureau is a Kyiv-based architecture and interior design studio. For 12 years’ experience in designing bespoke commercial, corporate and residential facilities, we have been building our community of socially-sustainable spaces. Comfort, innovation and functionality are the driving forces behind every architecture and interior design project we realize. For us, this process starts with a deep analysis of business demands, ergonomics and functionality.

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Bodes Studio

“We listen carefully to all your wishes and create your dream home. It doesn’t matter for us which city you are in, because the Bodes studio design team works with projects both live and remotely.”


The Best 15 Designers of Kiev

The founder and head of the studio Bolshakova Interiors, director of the Society of British and International Design in Ukraine, winner of the European Property Awards 2015. Methods developed by Nataly formed the basis of the studio. Its essence is attention to the wishes of the client and careful management of each stage of the project. This allows the creation of a lasting universal design.

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The Best 15 Designers of Kiev

Glazov Design has been impressing us with their unique luxury design ideas and project for the past 12 years. This design studio is considered to be one of the tops firms in the country and in the world! The founder and head interior designer of the Glazov Design group was always inspired by the complete process of remodeling a certain space with its own character, sound, and atmosphere. We can say, her signature style is all about the classy yet modern sophisticated interiors with exclusive attention to detail.


The Best 15 Designers of Kiev

High quality, that creates flawless impressions. Not price, but the culture and the values we share. The new luxury is a modern individuality, progressive design and architecture.


The Best 15 Designers of Kiev

Roman Shpelyk’s thoughtful use of materials like laminated plywood and attention to contrast through colour-blocking enrich a room with an intoxicating energy. A master of cool tones (think muddy mauves and forest greens) and soothing neutrals, the Lviv-based designer’s projects centre around colour since he founded LIS Design Studio in 2015.


The Best 15 Designers of Kiev

We first discovered Kiev-based interior designer Lera Brumina through Breadway Bakery—a fast-casual cafe in Odessa that was seemingly inspired by the master of whimsy himself: Wes Anderson. With a knack for small spaces, the young creative’s edited eye also lends itself to clean and modern urban dwellings in need of a fresh direction.


The Best 15 Designers of Kiev

When architecture and product design studio Nott Design debuted its Lost House—a simple, single-story structure that can sink below ground—it changed everything we knew about what a home could be. But disappearing abodes aren’t the only noteworthy achievement on its resume. Nott Design continues to explore the possibilities of technology in the home with interactive table lamps and desk accessories.




Located in the city of Lutsk, the salon area of ​​2000 m2, exists on the market for more than 16 years. That is why a well-formed team of highly qualified workers will help create comfort in your homes. Here you can buy furniture, lighting, carpets, and other interior items from well-known manufacturers – leaders in the furniture industry. Furniture & Design is an official dealer of well-known global companies, namely: Cavalli, La Contessina, Scavolini, Lube, Arredo3, Nolte, Lismaster, Geosideal. We also make to order upholstered furniture, sliding wardrobes, dressing rooms, using high-quality materials. We guarantee the convenience and quality of our products.



The Best 15 Designers of Kiev

MONO architects are experts in creating stylish, functional public spaces and residential interiors. Regardless of the project purpose, we strive to create a well-rounded product: each design element has a specific purpose, there is nothing superfluous. We blend a minimalist approach with modern developments and innovations in order to achieve the perfect balance of comfort and aesthetics.


The Best 15 Designers of Kiev

MMZ Project architectural bureau and Interior Design by Maria Zhukova. With a focus in Planning and concept of the interior design service, the bureau has lots of worldwide projects.


The Best 15 Designers of Kiev

Oksana Levchenya’s graphic hand-woven rugs and tapestries draw on traditional Ukrainian carpet-weaving techniques dating back to the 16th century. Boasting names like “A Ladder to Heaven” and “Optimistic Urbanism,” her textiles defy ordinary shapes and pattern combinations. Levchenya is one of a handful of Ukrainian designers who are pioneering and preserving age-old traditions through weaving.



Philosophy Art Studio

An interior design studio in Kiev that focuses on modern and luxury design.


The Best 15 Designers of Kiev

Since 2003, the studio has been creating projects intertwining Ukrainian traditions, world trends and the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, the forces of nature, human talent and architectural mind. They have completed over 600 projects in 21 countries and are ready to create something significant for you.


The Best 15 Designers of Kiev

Following the 2014 revolution, designer and architect Victoria Yakusha set out on a new path to revive traditional craft practices with her Faina collection in an effort to share the vernacular of Ukrainian design with the world. Infused with soul, her pieces regularly make their rounds at international design fairs in Copenhagen, Milan, and Bologna.


The Best 15 Designers of Kiev

YODEZEEN is an award-winning architectural and interior design studio operating worldwide, using a wide variety of contemporary styles. Established in 2010 by architects and fellow students Artem Zverev and Artur Sharf, the studio offers a custom multi-disciplinary approach to high-end design. YODEZEEN has extensive international experience in both residential and commercial projects… including restaurants, offices, fitness centres; private homes, and luxury apartments.


The Best 15 Designers of Kiev

The Ukrainian interior design studio Zooi, is known for their original interiors. Fresh eclectic interiors with a twist.



2B Group

A family of 5 companies: design studios balbek bureau and Bogdanova Bureau, a design platform Prostir 86 and furniture manufacturers propro and TUYVO.