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The art of sitting

Sitting: period during which one is seated and occupied with a single activity, such as posing for a portrait or reading a book. Let´s face it, we all love to sit, especially if we can do it in style!

We selected a list of 10 amazing fauteuil and armchairs, inspiring you to take a seat and relax.


1- Roche Bobois

Fauteuil Elfe by Daniel Rode – Collection Les Contemporains, synthesis function and beauty with an absolutely optimistic spirit. Sturdy realism and a dreamlike lightness give this piece a very inviting look.

Elfe Armchair   The art of sitting elfe armchair roche bobois


2- Phase Design

Bride´s Veils Armchair by Reza Feiz, shows his philosophy of “strength in simplicity” by using metal with luxurious finishes to realize his simple, yet dynamic furniture. Reza’s creations seek to balance delicate physicality and practical functionality.

Bride´s Veils Armchair  The art of sitting Phase Design Reza Feiz Brides Veil Chair 1
Bride´s Veils Armchair


3- Engelbrechts

Plateau by Erik Magnussen fuses table and chair into one world. It embraces you, inviting exchange and reflection within. Its armrest provides space for your coffee or laptop, putting you in the gray zone between work and play.

Plateau Armchair   The art of sitting plateau englebrachts


4- Bernhardt

The iconic Loft Chair by Shelly Shelly beautifully blends heritage wood craftsmanship with contemporary forms. Handmade, Loft’s subtle details invite you to both look and touch. It is a functional sculpture meant to be both admired from afar and experienced first-hand.

Loft Armchair   The art of sitting bernhardt loft shelly shelly


5- Artisan

Malena Chair by Zoran Jedrejcic has a clean-lined contemporary design, made of solid wood with an easy removable cushion. Malena is intended to become a member of the family, named affectionately in Croatian “Little Darling”.

Malena Armchair   The art of sitting malena chair zoran jedrejcic


6- Offecct

Palma Wood by Khodi Feiz, inspired by the cupped palm of a hand, symbolically cradling the body that sits in it. The chair’s elegant form is captured in the seat, backrest and armrests as a single graceful movement.

Palma Wood   The art of sitting offecct palma with wood base by khodi feiz 0
Palma Wood


7- Koket

Chandra Chair by talented Janet Morais, takes you back to 50´s Hollywood Glamour.  Bold and daring, Chandra comes in various colours, from a warm fuchsia to a immaculate emerald green.

Chandra Chair   The art of sitting chandra chair koket
Chandra Chair


8- Softline

Angel Chair by Busk+Hertzog, edgy and iconic design, it is soft, inviting and ultra-stylish at the same time. Lounge chair that can be used as a standalone element in the interior design, but also fits perfectly combined with other styles of furniture. Angel won the 2011 Good Design Award.

Angel   The art of sitting angel chair softline


9- Stellar Works

Laval Crown Single Chair with Opend Roof by French furniture maker Laval and Danish design studio OeO. Traditional French style meets poetic simplicity of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. The collection springs from a collaborative meeting between high-end French furniture maker Laval and Danish design studio OeO.

Laval Crown Single Chair with Opend Roof  The art of sitting Laval Crown  Single  Chair Opened Roof
Laval Crown Single Chair with Opend Roof


10- Brabbu

Dukono Armchair by Joaquim Sousa. Inspired in one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes this piece incorporates an unpredictable strength, while its darkness from black leather resembles solidified magma turn into rock. Dukono brings you nature, through a strong but comforting experience.

Dukono Armchair   The art of sitting BRABBU DUKONO ARMCHAIR brabbu
Dukono Armchair


Hope you have a comfortable and stylish week!