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Sustainable interior design is striking South Africa

Sustainable trends are the top of the agenda for south African interior design. Sustainable materials are the new must have in south African houses, since green-living is the one of the newest south African trends.

Do you love luxury interior design and the environment problems are an issue for you? South African designs found a new way to mix these two into an amazing trend. Therefore, south Africa is embracing the outdoor trendy style and bringing green elements indoors to heat up the interior design in natural ways, without damaging the planet. Thus, outdoors kitchens are the new must have for impressive al fresco dining as spring arrives and the weather is in bloom. Outdoor kitchens are included in the new decor chic and the interior designers are reinventing the concept of it. The outdoor kitchens take the braai area to a brand new level and are leading south african interior design to an eco-line.

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On the other hand, even apartments can have an amazing taste of this sustainable interior design trend, since vertical gardening – both the fruitful and the flowering kind – are gaining traction as south african cities demand for space increases. The vertical gardens are becoming trendy in the most luxurious areas of the South Africa main cities, and are considered extremely classy, leading the high-rise apartment to a new premium level.

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Aside from purely functional eco-living, your outside space should be luxurious and extremely beautiful too. Thus, durable outdoor fabrics have been given a new lease of life in striking hues and bold geometric prints. Gone are the traditional forest greens, steel and varnished teak. This trend is striking south african interior design and also includes  modern blended materials like poly-rattan in catwalk-inspired prints, revolving the eco-living design world. Therefore, inside the home, botantical patterned textiles are still leading the charge for bringing the outside indoors.

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Are you ready to take action and adopt this amazing trend?

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