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Best Interior Designers

See Homes Created by Best Interior Designers during LA Design Festival

LA Design Festival is a collaborative collective that invites anyone with a perspective on design, and a role to play in the creative economy, to host an event during this citywide fortnight of design-related festivities. It spans from May 28 to June 14, 2015. One of the events proposed for the festival is a West Side Home Tour that presents a unique opportunity to experience some of the most distinguished residential architecture in Venice and Santa Monica. Four remarkable homes created by some of the best interior designers will be open for this self-drive tour on Sunday 14th June. Click on the arrows to move to between homes.

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McKinley House by David Hertz

This residence, home to Hertz and his family, was designed in two phases. The first phase featured two separate volumes connected by a bridge. Some years later the adjacent lot became available. It is now a compound made up of four discrete two-story buildings linked by three enclosed bridges that all face onto the courtyard, in a style one might call Balinese Modern.

Hertz used this house as a case study for green building techniques. The materials used were chosen carefully to support environmental sustainability and the design intent. These include an array of 20 solar collector panels on the roof and recycled and FSC certified sustainable woods. Much of the concrete is Syndecrete®, which contains about 41 percent recycled content and is twice as light, with twice the compressive strength, of normal concrete.

The work of David Hertz Architects Inc FAIA, & S.E.A. Studio of Environmental Architecture focuses on the design and construction of environmentally responsible residential and commercial buildings, and engages in multiple facets of design, including product design, furniture design, public sculpture, environmental consulting, as well as the research and development of resource efficient ecologic building products.

McKinley House by David Hertz 2 McKinley House by David Hertz 3 McKinley House by David Hertz 4 McKinley House by David Hertz