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Salone Del Mobile 2022 Highlights | Discover Delightfull Trends!

Salone Del Mobile 2022 Highlights | Discover The Top Design Trends!

Salone Del Mobile 2022 took over Milan for a week dedicated to celebrating design. Several design brands presented their new pieces, and we got the chance to see which are going to be the main trends of the year!



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When we think about timeless design, the mid-century style always come to our minds. Midcentury modern style is a style of interior design characterized by a contemporary, somewhat futuristic aesthetic and an emphasis on function. The style rose to prominence in 1950s and 1960s America.

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biophilia design

This idea has health, environmental, and economic benefits, and although its name was coined in recent history, indicators of biophilia design have been seen in architecture from as far back as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

The appearance of the natural world, with its rich diversity of shapes, colors, and life, is universally appreciated and brings you several benefits, such as:

– Reduces stress levels
– Increases productivity
– Reduces sick days
– Makes workplaces more attractive
– Reduces pollution and cleans the air by reducing noise levels
– Boosts creativity levels

Bege Living Room

Due to all the benefits mentioned above, from a home perspective, people are now more likely to spend more on houses that have views of nature, excellent landscaping, properties that look at water or are waterfront.

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While many designers choose to stay within the familiar confines of what they deem marketable, some designers have surrealistic convictions that put them outside the mainstream. Therefore Draga&Aurel didn’t keep up with trends; they were immune to them while creating these unique design pieces.

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The pandemic crisis taught us to see our home in a different way. Night Fever collection will show us how it’s possible to put together a vibrant and eclectic environment without going out to a disco party!


Marquee lamps

Vintage Industrial Style is an aesthetic that gained special attention in the past years, and marquee lamps are probably one of the main features of this design.




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