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Ryan Saghian: Exclusive Interview

Ryan Saghian | Exclusive InterviewThe designer received his Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Architecture from the Art Institute of California’s CIDA Design school.  It is important to note that his style is one of a kind, and Ryan has a particular style. He is mainly influenced by vintage and decadent Hollywood styles. In his projects, he chooses flawless furniture and uses high-contrast colour palettes and statement style mixes. From the stunning Art Deco to the Hollywood Regency – all trimmed in brass, black marbles carefully matched with books and eye-catching contemporary art, what inspires him is, above everything, travelling. As well as the colourful background of his Iranian heritage.


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Ryan Saghian

What Ryan loves the most about his work is watching his visions come to reality. He confessed to us he loves every aspect of it and most important he appreciates all the processes from the first draw of his idea to the realization of the project. The most difficult time of his career was when he need to hire more people as his work was constantly growing and learn how to delegate. “I am such a control freak and it is so hard for me to have someone else in control. But ultimately, with time, everyone worked out perfectly and now my team is amazing!” – said the designer. When asked if he already achieved everything in life, Ryan explained to us that it is very important to be ambitious. Although he made the point that we should be ambitious in a healthy way in order to release the right amount of energy on each goal and don’t get consumed by them. Still, he told to us that he is exactly where we wanted to be at this point. His main dream is having a studio in NYC and working bicoastal. His clients’ satisfaction and joy after each project are what fulfil him the most about his work.

Ryan Saghian home room

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Ryan Saghian living room midcentury

Describing his relationship with his audience, Ryan pointed out it is very organic. “I have a very authentic and interactive social media presence that I think many people connect with. We laugh together, get inspired together, and post all of my work for them to see!” – he said. At the moment he is designing his first restaurant. It is located in Beverly Hills and has a touch of French cuisine. “I am inspired by Parisian gardens and the rich colours of Marrakech. I can’t wait to show you guys images!” – said happily the designer. For him, the ultimate trend is earthy and organic palettes inspired by the California sunshine and dessert. Describing his type of clients, Ryan said “my clients are extremely diverse but the one thing they all have in common is a love for high style and a thirst for boldness.”. Currently, he is finishing a home project in Bel Air with the most spectacular hotel-like living room. For the future, he is involved in developing a new leather tabletop collection with Alepel.


To Finalise

When it comes to craftsmanship, the designer pointed all brands from Covet House.

Ryan Saghian offshore room


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What do you think will be the focus in the design world in the future?

Any particular changes that you would like to see happening? “I think just like the roaring 20’s followed the great depression, we will see another influx of oppulence and high glamour after this COVID-19 nightmare is over with. I kind of LOVE that”.


Ryan Saghian home corridor


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