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Best Interior Designers, North America, South America

Rising American Talents chosen by M&O Americas

best-interior-designers-david pompaMexico | David Pompa


Born to an Austrian mother and a Mexican father, David Pompa was raised in both countries, and maintains interdiscipliary design studios in each. He received his Master of Arts and Design degree from Kingston University in London in 2008, where he continuted to work, but his strong bond to Mexican culture brought him back to open his fi rst store in Mexico City in 2013.

The idea to work with traditional materials began with a trip to Oaxaca in 2009, where David saw artisans working with “Barro Negro” for the fi rst time. His commitment to the rich heritage and remarkable craftsmanship of Mexican artisans has required a rethinking of traditional processes, challenging the boundaries of culture, product and materials. Combining innovation with a passion for exceptional quality drives the collection. To rethink and reinvent Mexican artistry is the ever present and underlying inspiration for all of his designs, fi nding an unexpected magic in traditional materials when combined with modern techniques and fresh ideas.

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