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New four seasons in Kuwait: a Luxury Boutique Hotel by Yabu Pushelberg

Yabu Pushelberg

Kuwait is known for its modern architecture and tall buildings as well as a strong economy. Since it is such a luxurious and exclusive location, Yabu Pushelberg designed a new five-star Luxury Boutique Hotel for you to deeply relax and have a magnificent time on holiday.

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The founding partners George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg founded their studio in 1980 and nowadays have a team of more than a hundred creatives and professionals with offices in both New York and Toronto.

Yabu Pushelberg Luxury Boutique Hotel in Kuwait

Located on the hot northern edge of Eastern Arabia, Yabu Pushelberg decided to go for a bold and grand look. Starting on the outside, the gold triangular-shaped details and mirrored walls exude luxury, and imponence making sure this hotel won’t go unnoticed.

Yabu pushelber 5 star hotel in kuwait

The hotel entryway sets the tone for the rest of the place. Its grandiosity with tall ceilings, warm-toned colors resembling the desert, and translucent curtains showcasing the spiral staircase, will delight anyone who visits and make them feel empowered.

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Yabu Pushelberg Luxuty hotel gold satircase

Yabu pushelberg Luxury 5 star hotel lobby

Keeping that grand elegant look all throughout the hotel, the eating lounge is no exception. The warm, sober color theme continues, with beautiful grey chairs and accent fire-colored center tables. The gold-colored eclectic chandelier is also a statement piece as well as the spiral staircase which is always showcased despite the room. The attention to detail is impressive and the grandiosity of the decoration, marvelous.


Luxurious hotel lobby dining chairs

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Yabu Pushelberg has managed to achieve a look that’s opulent and magnificent while also finding ways to keep it human and relatable. This was possible due to the warm tones used, and also through the concept of bringing the surrounding world inside. With 248 rooms, the hotel is the biggest in the city according to Four Seasons Hotels.

Yabu Pushelberg 5 star hotel bedroom lighting

Yabu Pushelberg 5 star hotel in kuwait room lighting

Yabu Pushelberg 5 star hotel in kuwait entryway suspension lamp

There really were no restrictions when designing this hotel and Yabu Pushelbergs‘s goal was to push the limits and boundaries of design, in order to create something unique and out of the ordinary. The designers’ mission is to do it better than it has ever been done before and it really showed in this project.

Yabu Pushelberg 5 star hotel in kuwait white bathroom

Keeping accents of the same color tones, the bathroom is pure white with gold and copper accents resulting in an immersive experience in a spa-like bathroom. This is one of the most beautiful divisions of the Four Seasons Hotel, can you imagine taking your relaxing holidays here?


maison valentina white and gold bathtub



Yabu Pushelberg 5 star hotel in kuwait bedroom


Luxury pink bedroom BRABBU pendent light

Named among the world’s most influential design studios by Wallpaper*, Elle Décor, Hospitality Design, and the Business of fashion, Yabu Pushelberg claim that the trophy shelf is not their primary concern but focusing on what’s next and continually searching for the new and innovative. Stay tuned!


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