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Molteni C | New Collection 2022

Molteni C | New Collection 2022

Molteni C |Dada 2022 narrative project proposes a home with a well-defined style, with no overlapping, where the decoration stems from the aptness and the harmony of the forms: more rounded, soft and enveloping. It proposes a coherent space, in which every detail is part of a unitary principle that animates the project. In this approach, the furnishings and the modular units become protagonists in the layout of the rooms.

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Living is once again central to every corner of the home. A theater of life experienced, where the quality of the home environment is the key premise for planning the various rooms: increasingly more versatile, multifunctional, able to adapt and mould itself to a second usage. An idea of a cosy, reassuring and welcoming home. But constantly evolving, which Molteni C  interprets through wall systems, the protagonists of the project and part and parcel of the architecture.

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While in the previous few years the narrative project paid tribute to the great protagonists of international modernism, this year references to the roots of the movement are fleetingly mentioned, evocative. It mentions the atmospheres: the fluid homes, to be lived in, the large and convivial rooms linked one to the other, the permeable internal and external spaces. And above all that idea of space, extremely elegant but without any ostentation for ostentation’s sake, in tune with the surrounding landscape.

“This year”, says Van Duysen, “our products have been stimulated by a strong desire not to abandon fluidity, sensuality or comfort. The concept of comfort is also visually translated in the tactility of the materials. Our eye is guided on every curve while a great feeling of calm emanates from the whole range. The notion of protection, of shelter, is very important in my work and I think the collection reflects that well. We are enveloped in these fluid forms as if we were inside a cocoon in which we would like to live ever”.

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Light becomes an integral part of the design of the space, because it modulates the way the architectural composition is perceived and expressed. Recalling the words of Walter Gropius: the new Architecture opens the walls, as if they were drapes, to allow as much fresh air, light and sunshine to come in. “Lines and forms”, Van Duysen specifies, “search for light for a never-ending dialogue with space and with human beings. The products are conceived for revival, to live again and mitigate that sense of precariousness, to search for pleasure and happiness and to fully embrace Nature: air, light, oxygen”.

Molteni&C Stand

Featuring clean and delicate lines, Janet is the latest design by creative director Vincent Van Duysen to join Molteni&C’s rich collection of chairs. Janet is a chair with or without arms featuring a solid wooden frame made of Black Ash, Eucalyptus and Sunrise Oak. Smart and sturdy, it gives a certain presence around a host of different tables. Its constituent parts are carefully and precisely rounded to create a harmonious whole.

The result is an exceptionally comfortable integrated system of chair and back that develops seamlessly. Janet comes with textile or leather upholstery from the Molteni C  range.

“Since the beginning of my collaboration with Molteni C , I’ve always wanted to design a chair able represent my vision but to also maintain an Italian identity in line with the Molteni&C DNA. By looking at Janet, we instantly understand its two main elements. The light structure is based on generous and sensual sections. The seat (available both in leather and fabric) lines the structure of the chair with exquisite padding details granting maximum ergonomics and comfort. The result is a very readable and timeless chair.“ -Vincent Van Duysen

Molteni&C Stand Salone Del Mobile

The harmony between functionality and that aesthetic value that can gratify both body and spirit is the aim of all Molteni C  seatings. Sutton, design Rodolfo Dordoni, perfectly matches this requirement. It is a small armchair featuring soft lines, designed to welcome the body and offer maximum comfort and relaxation.

The back and arms are designed as a continuum that embraces both the sitter and the comfy seat with its additional little loose cushion. The frame ends with four slender legs covered in the leather variants of the Molteni C range. Sutton can be upholstered with textiles or leather, choosing from the proposals of the huge Molteni C  collection, and it is suitable for any room in the house, either in pairs, or as a complement to a comfortable sofa in the living area.




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