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Modern Pendant Lamps | Light Your Home

Modern Pendant Lamps | Light Your Home

Modern Pendant Lamps is here ! If you are looking for some new lighting pieces for your home you are on the right article! Perfect to create a magical environment, we are sure that you will love these next modern pendant lamps! Keep reading!

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Discover The Brand New Modern Pendant Lamps

Periwinkle Pendant

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The periwinkle flower is a little blooming plant that has been around for over 200 years and has been included in nearly every wonderful fairy-tale. The Periwinkle flower, which is delicate and petite, is the main inspiration for this modern lighting item. A little petal embraces the Periwinkle Pendant, which will encourage every child to pursue their ambitions and kindle their brilliant thoughts.

Mirage Suspension

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The Mirage Suspension Lamp’s majestic industrial look and minimalist design make it timeless and suitable for any space. Entirely made out of brass with an opaque black lacquered cover, the inside of this mid-century modern suspension lamp was covered with gold paint to provide a sense of warm light.

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Liberty Small Pendant Lamp

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Liberty Small Pendant Lamp features sublime lines and a complex and superb combination of crystal glass and gold-plated brass, becoming not only a luxurious lighting source but a decorative masterpiece as well.

Liberty Slim Pendant Lamp

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The Liberty Slim Pendant Lamp comes to let the Liberty family even more complete. It is an inspiring delicacy for the eyes, perfect for those who love brightening details and fits perfectly in any room.

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Tycho XS Small Pendant Light

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With even more simple lines, the new Tycho XS Pendant has an incredible and contemporary lighting item. A single tube of Crystal glass held by a gold brass ring creates the most luxurious surroundings for its building inspiration and its reflection on the water. Perfect to be used in spaces illustrating an exuberant elegance.

Magna Pendant Lamp

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Magna Pendant Lamp, by Luxxu, presents a highly dimensional nature with a pendulum-like aesthetic and an elongated trapezium form. Inside its gleaming brass frame, Magna has embellished in crystal white details that are evocative of highlands and skylines. This luxury modern pendant’s natural textures are set to offer depth and a sense of rarity to any space in which it is installed.


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