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A Modern Yet Comfortable Living Room Design

Living Room Design

Modern and casual living room, it’s now time to create new, warm and trendy ambiances. This room has a very contemporary style but with luxury details. Let’s dive in, in an interior design project full of textures, bright lights, and… Caffe Latte Home furniture!

Caffe Latte, in partnership with Essential Home, presents Philip Center Table. Philip Center Table takes Ezra’s challenging concepts of design and interprets them in an all-new and natural way. The structure of this magnificent center table turns around the different variations of the geometrical round shape and follows the unusual base idea of the fabulous dining table. Its materials go perfectly with the casual vibe of this modern and casual living room.

To complement Philip’s center table and give even more support to Caffe Latte Gommosa Sofa, we have Philip Side Table, a smaller version of the center table. This side table is a simpler reinterpretation of the center table design, but with the same unique and inspiring flair. Its structure is also based on the geometrical round shapes, but it only features a solid base handcrafted in solid wood that supports a perfectly round table top made with travertine marble. Once again ideal for a modern and casual living room.

As said before, Gommosa Sofa is another major piece for this modern and casual living room. Café Gommosa is an energizing, sweet, and pleasant drink, a delicate expresso over some soft marshmallows. This sofa combines and transpires those exact characteristics. Rounded, organic shapes of the sofa, with such a delicious and comfortable appeal of the upholstery. Soft as a marshmallow and exciting as the expresso, this sofa is the ultimate homage to comfort, appealing to the coziness and warmth of the living room. A minimal design for a minimal project.

Finally, we can finish this project with an essential for any comfy interior design living room. White Garden rug, inspired by the elegance of neutral tones, the white garden is a square-shaped rug, which with its shades of white, is suitable for any environment. The neutral color and the reference to the geometric style in its interior make it a very elegant and classy product. A 100% handmade rug made with botanical silk that transmits comfort and a warm feeling.