mid century office in madrid with wooden and dark materials
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Mid-Century Modern Home Office Ideas

Mid-Century Modern Home Office Ideas | For the mid-century style, the product’s functionality is very important, however, together with modernism, the pieces have an even greater difference: composing your environment in a minimalist and beautiful style. We spend many hours of the day working and that is why the home office needs to be comfortable and a pleasant environment. The decoration of the room and the arrangement of the furniture can affect performance and certainly the motivation to work. That’s why the Best Interior Designers separated 10 Mid-Century Modern Home Office Ideas especially for you!


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    It is very common in the mid-century style to combine modern pieces staged with vintage statement elements. In this case, this chair is a statement of classic and vintage vibes.


    leather armchair reading rooom


    This contemporary design concept built by AB Concept has a few Mid-century details, starting from the mix of materials like wood and steel.


    AB Concept A-Sense-of-Place-Rosewood-Sanyas-Unique-Design


    BID rooms inspiration


    Light and beautifully realized interior with a strong retro flavor but a contemporary layout and details.


    mid century office in madrid with wooden and dark materials


    The mid-century style mixes traditional and non-traditional materials. This velvet chair contrast very well with the wooden and linear pieces in the back


    dark blue armchair


    house of boca do lobo hong kong


    How classic and elegant does this office look? The wooden frame on this malkie sofa is gorgeous and screams mid-century!


    velvet wood slue sofa


    In keeping with the idea of combining indoor and outdoor, the mid-century color palette is rooted in nature. In this case, the green curtain blending with the scenario and also combining with the black furniture is a must!


    black and brown table and office


    An undersea adventure by bymura


    The simple lines and pure forms of mid-century styles are what make it so iconic. This office is pure modernism and glamour with mid-century details.


    off white office with blue and gold details


    This distinctly feminine and elegant home office takes memories from trips to the jungle and exotic places. Some pieces in here are extremely elegant and bring a retro-modern vibe.


    white table mid century




    The mid-century modern decor uses bright accent colors against primary neutral tones. Look how wonderful this blue velvet chair looks in this reading corner.


    blue armchair


    Coleman floor lamp is the ideal mid-century modern floor light to be placed next to any 1950 modern furniture piece as your industrial office couch or desk.


    beije velvet armchair


    This Nordic light combines a mid-century design with a structure handmade in brass and a base in white Carrara marble.


    luxury lampshade



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