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Mid Century Chairs | Grab A Seat And Check

Mid Century Chairs are here!  Essential Home needs no introduction. The mid-century Portuguese brand has launched 3 new mid-century chairs, and we’re sure you’ll add them to your shopping cart!

It’s much easier to focus on the big-ticket items like a table or a sofa, but chairs are a crucial part of your home décor —and selecting the right ones can make or break a space. From mid-century designs and everything in between, there are a shockingly huge number of different chairs out there to fit any décor style. Here, the new mid-century chairs you’ll love!

Toro Bar Chair

The Toro bar chair is the new midcentury design piece that will make the most of your counter space. Handmade in solid walnut and featuring structural details in brass, this bar chair is a simple and stylish option that’ll work well with any style. The addition of straw to the Toro is reminiscent of the french bistrot chic style, offering a casual, cool vibe that’ll elevate your home decor.


Akira Lounge Chair

Meet Akira, the new rounded lounge chair that embraces a retro and fluid style. Upholstered in two tones of wool fabric, this funky rounded chair adds a cool factor to the ’60s traditional values. A multidimensional design that will bring contemporary flair and comfort to any design project or home décor, making it a true statement piece for any mid-century inspired living area.


Ghibli Armchair

The Ghibli armchair is the result of a modern approach to the mid century way of life. A durable and comfortable chair that features an upholstered body and handcrafted solid walnut legs that construct a sense of scale, gravity, weight and momentum. It’s round, cloud like shape of this armchair makes it a great solution to different styles of projects and a must-have for any living space.






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