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Meraki Architects | A Superior Sense Of Style

Meraki Architects works to create distinctive interiors that will enhance the lives of its clients. With their broad and considerable experience spanning more than fifteen years, they have an intuitive urge to produce and design interiors that go above and beyond clients’ expectations. Look at that!

Meraki Architects | A Superior Sense Of Style

Marwa Reyad, an architect and interior designer with ten years of experience managing and carrying out construction and refurbishment projects of architectural engineering projects, brings you Meraki Architects. She first worked with two of the major architecture and interior design firms before assisting Barclays Egypt in carrying out a very quick branch expansion plan for the bank.

These years allowed for the accumulation of leadership, staff management, and project execution experience. Meraki Architects has established itself as a creative designer with an eye for quality, an exceptional sense of style, and a client-centered approach to business.

Meraki Architects offers a balance of creativity, collaboration and forward-thinking with a structured, organized and detailed mentality.



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