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Marcus Tremonto

Marcus Tremonto


Marcus Tremonto, is an american designer with a peculiar route. Initially studied sciences and worked to an engineer and only then, he decided to embark on the design world and take an MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago.

An artist fascinated by the future, which leads to contact with new media. This way of “living technologically” is the “home” of his projects, which are born with a fervor and futuristic tram. Tremento is based in New York and his work can be found in private collections, museums and as retail installations.

One of his most controversial works is the PAD Pendant Light, the result of a long collaboration between Novaled AG and Tremonto.


Based on the pad-like fingers of the red-eyed tree frog, PAD uses transparent OLED panels to create three types of illumination. The first two types occur when the PAD light is switched on, during which the bottom of the lamp gives off a rich white light, while the top emits ambient light in a variety of colours (red, yellow and blue in honor of the Bauhaus school of design). The third type of illumination occurs when PAD is switched off, creating colored shadows similar to the effect of light passing through stained glass.

A suspension lamp that “suspended” us in the near future.