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Maison Galli Is All About Elegance, Sobriety And Ergonomics

The guiding principles of Maison Galli are elegance, sobriety, and ergonomics in order to provide life and meaning to your ideas. Maison Galli, which has been specializing in interior architecture, decoration, and fixture design since 1890, offers expertise in creating both timeless and modern interiors. Learn about their 130-year history, which was penned by a crew that has devoted itself to your initiatives from generation to generation.

Maison Galli Is All About Elegance, Sobriety And Ergonomics

The Galli family’s skilled artisans, known for their work as carpenters and cabinetmakers, now showcase their skills at a new workshop in Carouge. On demand, they create things that are customized. John Galli, the son of founder Jean Galli, relocated the original store to Place Longemalle in the heart of Geneva in order to better serve his clients and display his talents.

The company opens a second point of sale next to the station to offer a greater selection of products, including a significant portion of their famed Gruyeria factory, after being taken over by René and Roger Lévy, proprietors of Gruyeria Bulle and who so secure the continuity of the Galli spirit. At this time, decorating suggestions were also developed. Galli has made a name for itself as a leader in architecture and interior design in just a few short years. Jacques Lévy assumed management of the business after his uncle’s departure.

Maison Galli is an expert in furnishing and decorating guidance for managing custom projects. The beginning of the third generation with Joanna, Jacques Lévy’s daughter, occurs at the same time as a new store in Bourg-de-Four is opening. It will take over as the primary Galli point of sale in 2009. Maison Galli has expanded over time. The business also invested in a brand-new, cutting-edge workshop in 2009. It replaces the traditional Carouge workshop and combines carpentry, finishing, and upholstery tasks. It is based in Meyrin.

Their staff manages the various phases of your project, coordinating and supervising the work, from the initial sketches to the final finishes, which may include 3D designs. Each design reflects the passion of the architects, interior designers, and craftspeople that created it. It’s called Maison Galli.


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