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A Luxury Dining Room In Nude Tones

luxury dining room should always be a warm, layered and livable space. Nude tones have always been big in the world of makeup, offering a fresh, natural look – but have you thought of extending this kind of palette to your dining room? Nude colors tend to be earthy and unobtrusive, with a warmer tone. The nude color palette includes sandy tones, soft fresh pink, oatmeal, linen, and soft brown. You don’t have to stick to one shade – mix and match colors for an expansive effect.

Algerone Dining Table is an opulent round dining table, inspired by architectural elements, it was designed to remind us of the unique strength and class that only marble has. The Carrara marble circular top is supported by a sleek base adorned with black leather and polished brass detailing. A design that will redefine the way you perceive dining tables.

We take great pride in providing clients with the highest quality modern luxury design pieces, and the Newton Elliptic Suspension Lamp is a handcrafted piece that has something unique about it. Newton Lamp is a monumental piece that authenticates Boca do Lobo designers’ and artisans’ work.

Moka Dining Chair is a simple yet refined chair that can be featured on an endless array of settings and match an infinite number of styles, from a contemporary project to modern interior design, without being too discreet. Solid woods and vellutino fabrics make this minimal design a must in any dining room.

Waterfall Floor Lamp is an immerse into our Waterfall lighting, a series of ripped fine tubes of handmade crystal glass flowing over the tubular shapes in gold plated brass. An impressive presence in every ambiance made by master craftsmen. A new glamorous expression of Waterfall light is given to accomplish a wider and complete range that will light your space. For a luxury dining room, we give you the best luxury lighting.