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Get To Know Karim Abdul Muttalib, A Rising New Star

Karim Abdul Muttalib

A talented Interior Designer, Karim Abdul Muttalib is the first choice from CovetED as a rising new star in the interior design world. Founder and CEO of his own interior design firm, K.A. Interior Design in New Cairo, Egypt. The young designer has already built himself quite the portfolio, working as an interior designer with brands such as Covet House, Abou Samra Group, but also as an architect with Al-Roukn and Touch Studios. Highly skilled, and with expertise in producing exceptional designs, principally in 3D designing, Karim thrives for new challenges and new opportunities, with the ability to transpose client’s ideas into creative, exciting visions. CovetED is keen on discovering new talents and they got the chance to interview Karim on his experience and amazing work so far.




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Get To Know Karim Abdul Muttalib, A Rising New Star

Karim’s love for the craft is evident not only in his work, but from the excitement shown when referencing interior design and architecture. “The challenges I face in every project and the thrill of coming up with a new concept is something I enjoy, love, and value as Arts, Architecture, and design (interior and exterior) are my true passions.” He added, believing that to be creative and passionate regarding his work, and reach the best solution to a design is something very unique as well and goes hand in hand with the client’s idea.

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The beginning of his journey as an architect and a designer was the hardest part for Karim, with the struggling from where he should start and how would he convey his design message to his audience, all of that while having to deal with some of his surroundings, negative comments and defeating ideas. Thriving to become better each day, Karim decided to overcome all these negative surroundings and believe in himself and gain more knowledge about interior design, having studied the effects of lighting, both interior and exterior, and how it affects the feeling of the person experiencing the space. This is what Karim feels that also fulfills him as a professional when he’s able to achieve a new different design while maintaining all functionality and architecture that meets the clients’ needs and expectations.

With mostly residential owners who aim for a unique, modern, luxurious interior that they feel at home and comfortable in, is this maturity in design and in his work, that allowed him to start building his success. Karim also affirms that his relationship with his clients is greatly maintained as he always keeps up with their needs, understands their dreams for space, and works towards achieving something unique to them that is represented through his own identity and theirs. Since his journey began, Karim has followed different architectural and interior design styles and has never stopped learning ever since, becoming a key factor in his process and one of his most remarkable characteristics, that completely transpires into his designs.

“I believe that this is just the beginning of my journey towards my dreams, which are limitless. I strongly believe that one day I will achieve all that I dream and more as long as I put my mind and dedication towards it.”
Karim Abdul Muttalib

With an unstoppable devotion for his dreams, and with a fiery ambition for his goals, Karim wishes to accomplish all things that people told him was impossible to do. With an eye into the future, his visionary thinking takes him to technology and futuristic interpretation of what’s down the line. “I believe it is the smart systems technology. I would like to see it be integrated into materials and would love to see more improvement in the virtual reality world.” he stated.

One of his lingering dreams is to invent a helmet that transforms the brain’s ideas and thoughts into a computer. “This dream has always been with me and it kept me wondering, what if we could transform the imagination of the designer into a 3D Design on the computer when they just think of it? What will happen to the design world then?” Karim said.



His vision of the current and future trends is heavily influenced by his surroundings, but in his opinion, he states that a trend nowadays is the maximalist approach to design. How to create a maximalist approach to space while at the same time corresponding between materials, furniture, colors, and overall design. Still, in regard to the future, Karim also states that the leading way to craftsmanship is attention to detail, as details make everything a whole. When asked how was the experience to work with some very well-known brands, like Covet House, for instance, Karim said “It was an amazing experience. Covet House is dedicated, organized, and has a variety of trendy, stylish, and one-of-a-kind selections of furniture which enables us, designers, to create the perfect relationship between the furniture and the design.

The project developed with the brand was an Opulent Modern Classic Villa in Riyadh, where he describes the inspiration came from the color scheme of grays, blacks and brown, which helped accomplish the dark mood vibe Karim intended to create. A bold pop of gold added to the luxurious feel of the space, a space to dare.

“The master bedroom represents one of the most important spaces in that project. I aspire to create a connection between the classical and the modern designs. I felt very excited and thrilled working on this project.”
Karim Abdul Muttalib

Karim’s extensive portfolio and work have already proven by itself to be impressive, but his career is now taking new flights and heights, the future looks very bright for the designer, and CovetED will definitely keep an eye for new and breathtaking projects from him, and keep on searching for new talents. You can follow his work via behance or instagram!

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