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Juliettes Interiors | Luxury Interior Design Where Exclusivity is Key

At Juliettes Interiors they aim to successfully create and cultivate a strong bond with their clients and they are extremely proud of this. The attention to detail becomes far more acute and the work required to execute the project is extensive to ensure the client’s requirements are fully interpreted and understood from all angles. Luxury interior design aims to create an interior that is reflective of the client’s taste and personality. This is where Juliettes Interiors’ experienced designers really shine; their ability to skillfully combine their expertise with the client’s vision results in unique and exclusive finished looks.

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There is a significant difference between interior design and luxury interior design. For instance, luxury interior design focuses on the client’s preferences, offering a unique and bespoke consultation rather than a standardized service or general advice. The whole process is centered on the client’s vision of their home. Working with an interior designer is an immersive, collaborative experience.

The interior designers employed by Juliettes Interiors are hand-picked by Juliette personally. They only employ mature designers who have a design master’s degree with several years of experience with HNW high-end projects. They prefer to reflect their customer’s individual personalities and requirements rather than offer a standard style. No project is ever the same as another. Exclusivity for Juliettes Interiors is key.

Juliettes Interiors also work alongside property developers who wish to furnish properties in preparation for sale. They specialize in luxury high ­end residential and commercial designs for both domestic and international clients.

Juliettes Interiors’ clients stretch across the globe. Their clients include royalty, domestic, commercial, interior designers, architects, property developers and celebritiesJuliettes Interiors offer exclusivity and discretion, regardless of who you are.



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