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Salone Del Mobile 22: Best Kids’ Furniture Pieces To Show In Milan (Part III)

Salone Del Mobile 22: Best Kids’ Furniture Pieces To Show In Milan (Part III)

Salone Del Mobile 22 edition is soon here! Rho Fiera Milano will be the venue to unite interior design fans with the top interior design studios and furniture firms from June 7 to June 6, 2022!

Circu Magical Furniture will not miss out on this fantastic opportunity to meet you and will be at iSaloni on Pav: 2 / Stand: B19 – C18 with their greatest children’s furniture! Check out the furniture on display at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair!



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iSaloni 22 :

Best Kids’ Furniture Pieces To Show In Milan

Fantasy Air Balloon Lounge

The Fantasy Air Balloon Lounge is a themed lounge space with a magnificent circle sofa that is so soft you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the sky, and an useful round table. This lounge set evokes the beautiful and whimsical atmosphere of a hot air balloon journey while providing the ideal environment for your children to study, play, or simply relax after a long day at school. The set has a color-changing light and sound system on top and can be utilized in any type of set, from a kids’ room to a commercial or larger-scale project, thanks to its unique design.

Bubble Gum Big Mirror

The Bubble Gum Big Mirror is the perfect finishing touch for any child’s room. This luxury wall mirror adds liveliness to any project with its graceful design inspired by the delightful forms of children’s favorite candies.

Bubble Gum Desk

bubble gum desk circu magical furniture

The Bubble Gum Desk is expressly designed to turn study time into a delightful experience for kids, inspired by the sweetness of their favorite candy. The curving curves of the desk will not only provide a pleasant touch to your children’s study space, but also a whimsical touch to the decor.

Sky One Plane

sky one plane bed circu magical furniture royal blue

The Sky One Plane is a fun and educational airplane-themed kids’ bed with a colorful design. An airplane-themed kids’ room decoration is ideal for encouraging young explorers to express their ideas.

Fantasy Air Nightstand

fantasy air nightstand circu magical furniture gold plated

The Fantasy Air Nightstand is the ideal addition to your child’s bedroom. This fantastic piece will help parents manage the space with enormous storage capacities and multiple drawers with a vintage suitcase design.

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Cloud Lamp Big

cloud lamp big circu magical furniture

Cloud Lamp Big is a children’s suspension lamp. This hanging lamp has a sleep assistant as well as a lighting and sound system that can be controlled by a smartphone app or a remote.

Diana Table Lamp

diana table lamp circu magical furniture gold plated

Diana is a vintage table lamp inspired by some of the finest mid-century design masterpieces. It’s a handcrafted lamp constructed of brass and aluminum.

Carter Pendant Suspension

carter pendant circu magical furniture

The Carter Suspension Lamp will add extra light and flair to your child’s room. Designed with the great discoveries of space in mind, its distinctive shape is instantly identifiable and its attention to detail is unparalleled, making it the ideal customised design. The soft casting lamp, handcrafted in polished brass and matte white, has all the perfect features to enhance any project and create the ideal mood, throwing light whenever you need it.

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Hanna Pendant Suspension

hanna pendant circu magical furniture

The Hanna Pendant Suspension Lamp will add light and flair to your child’s room. If you style the pendant lamp with mid-century décor, it will create a stunning, exquisite effect. It is elegantly produced in brass by artisans who applied gently an old method called hand metal spinning. Hanna is a pendant suspension lamp with a visually stunning aluminum bell lampshade and configurable finish adaptability. This one-light pendant adds flair while providing plenty of light.

Atomic Wall Lamp

atomic wall lamp circu magical furniture nickel plated

The Atomic Wall Light is a mid-century modern lighting design that was inspired by the mid-century atomic discoveries. This interior wall light can add a humorous twist to contemporary kids’ bedroom decor with several circular shades that reflect the molecular composition of the atom.

Atomic Ceiling Suspension Lamp

atomic ceiling suspension lamp circu magical furniture

Atomic Ceiling Suspension Lamp is a novel interpretation of the mid-century modern era, inspired by the molecular makeup of the atom. This modern ceiling light redefines what mid-century modern lighting is all about, with a group of spotlights structured much like molecular formations.




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