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Interview with Mark Cravotta

Interior designer Mark Cravotta founded Cravotta Interiors in 1996 and has been the firm’s creative and driving force ever since. Mark Cravotta shared with Covet Edition Magazine the best projects, inspirations, techniques the firm has been creating. In the end, it all comes down to spaces with a sense of history and adventure that become part of people’s biography.

“People crave a sense of belonging and of being rooted in their environment, and I believe their homes provide that”.

Mark’s goal is always to design a home that reflects the highest ideals of the people who live there.

How and why did you get into the interior design Industry?

The first part of my life was spent as a visual artist. When I got to college I discovered poverty for the first time and determined that I didn’t really want to be a starving artist. After a brief stint in the world of high-tech, I started a workroom serving the high-end design community and developed many pivotal relationships along the way. One of those was with my mentor Teri Lea Barber – an amazingly talented designer. She and I worked together for 5 years until she died in an auto accident. That very difficult time also spurred the start of my interior design firm. That was 20 years ago.

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How would you describe your style? Do you have a signature touch?

More than associating with any given style, I like to create environments that express the highest ideals of my clients’ personality and lifestyle. Similarities throughout the work involve inventive use of materials with a wide variety of textures and finishes. Quality is non-negotiable regardless of budget and as such I design many pieces for each project as a way to satisfy the desired aesthetic while meeting quality requirements. Above all, I want the spaces we design to feel warm and inviting. I hope that anyone entering would feel at ease , curious , and want to linger for a long while.

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Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My muse is always the client. My first mission is to get a real sense of who they are and how they live. I want to understand how they want to be perceived in the world and compose environments that fit accordingly. For inspiration in material and form, there is nothing better for me than travel.

Which design brands do you love the most?

We design many of our own pieces, but also love the work available through Holly Hunt, Christian Delcort, Paola Lenti, and many, many more.

Covetedition-Interview with Mark Cravotta- special project

Which colors, textures and techniques do you prefer in furniture design?

Every project brings a different set of challenges and aesthetic goals. That said, we love to work in bronze, steel, leather, wood and glass. I’m a big fan of combining old-world joinery techniques with new technology. Multi-axis CNC machines open up a lot of possibilities in realizing what we initially put on paper.

What is your philosophy on design and life?

How we relate to life’s struggles has everything to do with our experience. I believe design is capable of helping us relate to life’s challenges in ways that have us feel expanded, gratified, and fulfilled. When we’re able to positively affect our clients through our work, the effort is indeed a worthwhile endeavor.

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Which major international events do you attend to get all the latest novelties?

For the past four years I’ve been a member of the Leaders of Design Council (http://leadersofdesign.com/) and The Design Leadership Network (http://www.designleadershipnetwork.org/). Both organizations are outstanding in their support of the design community at the highest levels. Both have international reach and have provided me with experiences and resources I would have not otherwise had access to.

Describe yourself in three words.

Curious.  Imaginative. Tenacious.

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