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Take Inspiration From This Beautiful Kitchen Design

Cooking your favorite dish in a beautiful kitchen design is a simple but big pleasure and modern items like the NIKU Pendant Light, with a structure in gold, plated brass, shaders in gold plated brass and glass, and the NUKA Counter Stool fully upholstered in velvet and legs in glossy black lacquered make this activity all the more pleasant.

Nuka is a glacier in Alaska known for its sublime beauty. NUKA Counter Stool came to life inspired by this magnificent natural monument. Upholstered in velvet and legs in glossy black lacquered, this kitchen stool with a curved back will elevate any beautiful kitchen design.

Inspired by the energetic sparks that burn out in a brilliant blaze, meteors are magnificent and have a powerful glow and form. The Meteor Door Knob is an exquisite doorknob, and a unique choice of décor complement to enhance your door designs.

Part of the Kiribati islands group, Nikumaroro is known for its incredible coral atoll. It is the beauty of its corals that make NIKU Pendant Light a rarity in contemporary lighting. Featuring a structure in gold plated brass, shaders in gold plated brass, and glass, this pendant lamp will fill any home decor with exoticism.

The Pulse Tap is a three-hole mixer tap that really stands out for its design. Simple yet modern and elegant, this tap will for sure excel in any interior design project. As being part of our ATO Collection, you can choose from many finishes to create a unique design.