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Parisian Apartment With an Artistic Touch By Kelly Bedel

Parisian Apartment With an Artistic Touch By Kelly Bedel

Located in one of the most eclectic zones in the city of lights, Paris, is an amazing apartment easy to fall in love with. Inside this luxury dream lais a beautiful and modern decor at the same time as the splendid garden view, as the landscape that surrounds the apartment is the world-famous Jardin du Luxembourg. Boca do Lobo Blog will take inside a Parisian Apartment with an artistic touch, designed by Kelly Bedel!

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This exclusive location, puts this artistic interior design project near to the Luxembourg Palace, owned by the Senate, to the Fontaine Medicis and also to the Théâtre de l’Odéon. Almost as an extension of the exterior, this interior design by the Parisian interior designer Kelly Bedel enhances the living space, like no other, being influenced by the nature that surrounds it, starting with the green color, present in every room.

Stepping inside, the natural light takes the place and enhances every corner and every ambiance created. In the entryway, a contemporary black credenza steals all the attention with its sculptural structure, illuminated by the futuristic table lamps, that bring to the environment a certain mystic.

The living room mixes a contemporary and eclectic style, with an urban touch, gathering a unique balance to this area. The art on the walls and the abstract shapes of the furniture turn this well-conceived room into a splendid museum of contemporary art. Great examples of that are the creative Wave Copper Center Table and the Erosion Black Stool by Boca do Lobo. These design pieces make the whole difference in the interior design, by adding different shapes, textures and materials. They are the perfect combination of unique design and excellent craftsmanship.


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The Dining Room is an open space to the living room, following the same aesthetic as the previous spaces, with simple lines with the details of the dining table and chairs, contrasting with the futuristic suspension lamp and the antique standing cloque, which is an absolute masterpiece.

The cinema room is the perfect addition for this Parisian apartment, becoming one of the most relaxing rooms of the home. The green color is still present in many details, meeting a classic aesthetic and contemporary furniture.

As the bedroom is the most intimate and private room of this Parisian Apartment, the interior designer decided to let simplicity be the star. Like in the rest of the home, the natural light takes the master bedroom and enhances every corner, creating a wonderfully comfortable ambiance!

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