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India Mahdavi: cinematique twist to interior design

India Mahdavi grew up wanting to be a filmmaker to tell stories, finding comfort in an imaginary world. Strangely enough, she started studying architecture to do just that.

When opening her own business in 1999, she quickly understood she could tell stories through design, with each new project.

Born of Persian and Egyptian parents and named after the country in which she was conceived, during her parents honeymoon, she’s lived in places like Iran, Cambridge Massachusetts, New York and Germany, before setting her heart on Paris, where she resides and has her atelier today.

Her nomadic life, made India into a the versatile artist she is today, having work done in various fields such as interior and product design, architecture and even writing.

India´s style is playful, sexy and chic, mixing a bit of sense of humor and risk, never forgetting the story she wants to tell you, even if it is though her jewelry line or her interior designing.


Restaurant Le Germain

Germain Paradisio – Paris

india_hotel_thoumieux_parisHotel Thoumieux – Paris


Café Français – Paris


Landscape Vase Collection


Bracelets for Jem Collection

You can see India´s work in restaurants, bar and hotels throughout places like Paris, Monte Carlo, Mexico City, London or Courchevel. But don’t be sad, you can take her pieces home with you. India has her own line of furniture and petits objects that will give your home that cinematique twist!

Hope you enjoyed our article and learned a bit more about one of the best designers of our age.

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