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Home Office Ideas In Modern Contemporary Style

Home Office Ideas

A home office is that sacred space in the house where ideas flow easily and work gets done. Here, design meets craftsmanship and a luxurious atmosphere takes command. A home office is a space where you should feel good and comfortable.

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10 Home Office Ideas In Modern Contemporary Style

Inspired by Greek Mythology, the Apotheosis Desk is a vigorous statement piece that will enrich and elevate any project. Equipped with a USB port for maximum accessibility, this office desk is the ultimate display of luxury, sophistication, and functionality coming together as one in a marvelous encounter of talented craftsmanship and innovative design.


Its ergonomic shape ensures a right posture, which allows working comfortably for hours, and the best materials, velvet, brass, and lacquered wood ensure high quality. All combined into one office chair, that ties comfort and luxury together. Timeless with a modern twist, Charla office Chair is an item of boundless elegance.

10 Home Office Ideas In Modern Contemporary Style

Empire II Suspension is born from the iconic lines of the Empire collection. A glamorous and extravagant crystal lamp that is the ultimate blend of classic and modern design. A suspension made with layers of gold-plated brass and vintage-inspired crystal glass.

10 Home Office Ideas In Modern Contemporary Style

A brass frame supports the arched backrest, designed to provide comfort. High durability, comfort, and style define the Ocadia Armchair, a velvet armchair that provides just the right amount of luxury. Inspired by turtles’ shells the Ocadia is a luxurious way to sit back. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, lounges, or office space.

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10 Home Office Ideas In Modern Contemporary Style

With geometric lines and an elegant shape, the Lloyd Bar Cabinet provides not only a classic storage option but an accent piece that will become the focal point of your interiors. Made with quality materials such as gold-plated brass, this piece will grant a cosmopolitan touch to a winery or dining room.

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The Pharo Floor Lamp is inspired by the Pharos Lighthouse. Designed in a simple and robust style and made of brass and crystal, this crystal floor lamp takes both the architecture and the symbolism of lighthouses into account and is able to light up any space as a beacon.

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