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Home Office: Discover What You Need To Work With Style

home office is that sacred space in the house where ideas flow easily and work gets done. Best Interior Designers will help find all the luxury design elements you need, from the desk to the lighting, to inspire creativity and also for you to reach peak productivity. Here, design meets craftsmanship and a luxury atmosphere takes command. Shall we begin?

Apotheosis Desk is a vigorous statement piece that will enrich and elevate any project. Equipped with aUSB port for maximum accessibility, this office desk is the ultimate display of luxurysophistication, and functionality coming together as one in a marvelous encounter of talented craftsmanship and innovative design.

Botti Diamond Suspension Lamp was inspired by the iconic structure handmade in brass, boosted with a sophisticated gold-plated finish, and elevated with small series of aluminum spheres creating the unique modern diamond shape, just like it was a precious stone. Following the same steps that the brand’s best-seller, this modern lighting fixture showcases the high-quality craftsmanship culture that is rooted in the brand’s values.

Charla Office Chair is a timeless item of boundless elegance with a modern twist. Its ergonomic shape ensures a right posture, which allows working comfortably for hours, and the best materials, velvet, brass, and lacquered wood ensure high quality. All combined into one office chair, that ties comfort and luxury together.

Kahn is a sideboard that will bring a strong presence to your home. Inspired by the monumental and monolithic style of Louis Kahn, it is produced in black poplar, a type of cottonwood, and brass trims that are laid out symmetrically to provide an overall sense of unity and form. The wooden interior is glazed with a soft caramel tone producing a gorgeous effect as you open its drawers. The perfect statement piece for a home office.