Home Office Design Tips & Ideas By Coveted Magazine NEW ISSUE
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Home Office Design Tips & Ideas By Coveted Magazine | NEW ISSUE


The main theme is WORK AT HOME. And this is the topic of the year! However, we know that there are still points to be answered. Motivated by this gap the CovetED magazine has some news and tips about interior design world for you! Get ready for some Home Office Design Tips and Ideas and enjoy CovetED’s newest issue!

The CovetED Magazine starts by featuring some of the biggest news in the interior design world, followed by a series of curated new pieces not to miss. Then, they present a selection of office interior design ideas and tips on how to improve productivity while working from home.


Home Office Design Tips & Ideas By Coveted Magazine NEW ISSUE

                 WHAT YOU CAN FIND IN THE NEW ISSUE OF                    COVETED MAGAZINE 


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Studiopepe, one of the biggest interior design studios in the world, have been launching their newest work, incredible pieces with a vintage touch, produced by Essential Home, one of the biggest mid-century brands in the world.


Carlo Donati is a known name at CovetED for all the best reasons. For that they bring you the latest collection the Italian designer developed for the Mid-Century brand Essential Home. The collection is called ‘La Dolce Vita and the biggest inspiration was the cinema and life of heedless pleasure and luxury. Discover at CovetED all the pieces of this incredible collection, and don’t miss out on the news the brand and the designer have prepared for all of us.


Home Office Design Tips & Ideas By Coveted Magazine NEW ISSUE (13)

CovetED Magazine knows that it is very difficult to be at home at a time like this, and therefore, for those who have to work from home, it has prepared a series of home offices to inspire you! There you can find Home Office Design Tips & Ideas to make an effort to sculpt method, discipline and feel good in this new and temporary workplace. As well you can find inside the design the way to improve your creativity and your productivity.

A few trends to let you curious:

Your home office should be a direct reflection of your personal style, passions, and aspirations. One of its biggest advantages compared to a corporate office—where workers are often limited to customizing a cubicle with quirky calendars and potted plants—is that you can do anything you want.

One thing is for sure – the need to work at home and to have a space to enhance productivity is needed. For this, we bring you the modern office design trends.

They say compartmentalisation and clear borders are essential to business, and that applies to the masculine home office just as much as the boardroom. Hence, if you’re a man who works from home and has room to spare, consider a proper masculine home office as being more or less mandatory.


Here are some Masculine Home Office Ideas & Inspirations to get that internal motor running. Set up and conquer.

If you work from home, you know that adding some gorgeous, decorative home office ideas to your workspace is a necessity. Your surroundings have an impact on your mood and if you are spending a lot of time in a dreary home office space, chances are, your work will not be as productive and enjoyable as it could be. We all know that women are great multitaskers.  Versatile and flexible to handle all the many hats we wear!  The same should be said about your home office as it should be easily adaptable to your needs.

After all, wouldn’t you rather work in a beautiful room that motivates you? You’re in luck, because your office is about to become your new favourite room, thanks to these fantastic tips and tricks.


A dedicated workspace in your home helps you set aside household distractions and focus on work. We understand the importance that our mind has in our work so it is up to us to make an effort to sculpt method, discipline and feel good in this new and temporary workplace, but if the design is to our liking it can improve our creativity and our productivity as well! The main purpose of this collection is to inspire you through various environments, each adapted to a compatible personality. CovetED can only hope you don’t fall in love with your temporary workplace!

Are you more productive from an office or from your own home? This has been an ongoing debate for some time.



Every year we see a change in the way we design our spaces and new colour trends come forward. This year with harsh changes in habits we saw a shift in our priorities that made us stay more time at home.  Since the on-going pandemic gives no signs of actually going away we feel the need to invest more in creating a beautiful environment for the place we still spend more time at, our home.  These changes in society are reflected in the new colour trends for 2021.

Urging for some sense of warmth and brighter days, we can observe a lot of soft nudes but also happy brighter colours.



CovetED is always looking for the best interior design projects in the world. Therefore, we select the best of the best. In this issue, you can find two projects around the world, from Capetown to India. We hope you feel inspired, and that you enjoy these projects as much as we do. Different in style, but equal in luxury.

In the sprawling sights of Jubilee Hills, India lies a private residence evolved from the creative minds of architectural firm NA Architects. The interior design project was conceived as a gallery‐typed space, which involved not only creating clear open areas but also inviting the light in, particularly from above. NR House became to be the perfect marriage for Boca do Lobo statement-furniture. CovetED is here to present you this amazing projects, that combines sustainable design with luxury furniture.

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Le Grand Jardin is a private estate in the heart of the historic Stellenbosch (est 1679 Wineland). It is the signature residence of Wonderland Escapes and it’s 50 km away from the city of Cape Town. Le Grand Jardin was a wedding gift for the daughter of the neighbouring estate and was designed by a student of Sir Herbert Baker the most notable architect working in South Africa in the 1900s. This incredible project features a kid’s bedroom made to enhance their creative minds.

Home Office Design Tips & Ideas By Coveted Magazine NEW ISSUE (29)

Featuring Rocky Rocket Armchair from Magical Furniture Brand CIRCU the decoration makes a grand entrance in the room and promises to let kids explore their imagination and take them to the moon.


Home Office Design Tips & Ideas By Coveted Magazine NEW ISSUE (29)

CovetED brings you the IT books on interior design that deserve to be in your home shelf. The books we chose will help you think differently about design, and providing inspiration for your next design project.

Most decorating books focus on one designer; the rest focus on one period, one trend, one room. This book, for the first time, has the big picture: ALL the names everybody must know from the entire 100-year history of interior design. Each designer is profiled and illustrated with three to four photographs of their best work; what we can learn from them—and how they changed decorating forever—is clearly highlighted to catch the eye.


We are most familiar with haute couture fashion; that glamorous and, oftentimes, rather extravagant parade of luxuriousness that graces the runways during Fashion Week.  And as we know, fashion often dictates or mirrors trends in interior design. When haute couture meets interiors, we are given a glimpse into an exclusive, one-of-a-kind design that demonstrates the designers’ unique style and inventiveness.

Each year, many Fashion Weeks take place in the biggest cities in the world and dictate what are the top trends we should follow. But what happens when fashion trends influence the design world? CovetED Magazine brings you some of the major trends you can find in the interior design world fresh of the runway.  Are you brave enough to bring these trends into your decor?

Dont’t miss Home Office Design Tips & Ideas!


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