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Greatest projects: Ensemble & Associes

The Black and White project designed by Ensemble & Associes is a dream home that can be described in four words – simple, minimalistic, dramatic and brooding. In its Belgian way, it exhibits contemporary luxury yet somehow it has been tinged by traditional in ways that are subtle.
Greates projects Ensemble & Associes 4

The classic touch can be attributed to the fact that wood has been utilized in the project. The modern home is oozing with strong elegance and sophistication through the use of black and white scheme. This modern architecture is perhaps the minimalistic design at its most luxurious – you can see it directly by the placement of the furnishings and smart choice of furniture as well as fixtures in the project.

Greates projects Ensemble & Associes

The modern architects at Ensemble & Associes captured the simplistic beauty that they otherwise wouldn’t be done without incorporating the classiness of black and white. They have implemented impeccable house floor plans without compromising the function of a home while providing comfort that one could go home to at the end of the day.

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Even the interior design of the project speaks nothing but stylishness and the interiors demonstrate seamless flow of the living spaces. Apparently, this made the place of residence to emanate warmth and comfort in more ways than you can imagine.Greates projects Ensemble & Associes 3

Taking a look at the great kitchen, it is extremely neat and pleasing to the eyes yet it is undeniably luxurious and appealing. It evokes the feeling of fine dining as if there is no need to ever go out for meal. The hospitality-like bathroom design allows you to experience utmost privacy without compromising on your comfort.

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The grandeur of the master bedroom is irrevocably stunning as well as the warmth of the living room.

Overall, the black and white beauty of this project by Ensemble & Associes is very appealing that it can capture the heart of anyone at a glance. The combination of layoutand interior design is utterly inspirational.