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Great Interior Designers Admired by Celebrities

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We all have our favorite designers and architects. Some works by certain people make an impact, inspiring us to get to work and recreate some projects in our own houses. Often in the most prestigious magazines, we find a celebrity house styled by a famous and prestigious interior designer, but who are star’s favorites? Whose work inspires celebrity’s like Candice Bergen, Steve Wynn and so on? Architectural Digest asked some of the most famous people in the world who are the designers and architects that they absolutely love and we at  Best Interior Designers will now share it with you their answers!

Top Interior Designers

Clive Davis

“I’ve worked with Vicente (Wolf) on several homes. To each he’s brought individuality, imagination, and great style. He has his own vision, but he collaborates and respects his client’s wishes. Vicente is at the top of his game and is clearly the best of the best.”

Interior Designers and architects admired by celebrities: Vicente Wolf dining-roomA New York City dining room  by Vicente Wolf

Mariska Hargitay

“The definition of inspire is ‘to fill with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.’ There you have it: Jeffrey Bilhuber inspires me. I watch him make his magic, and I want to do the same. Those are always my favorite people, the ones who are so alive in the practice of their art that I want to jump in and join the fun.

Interior Designers admired by celebrities:Jeffrey BilhuberManhattan’s townhouse master bedroom decorated  by Jeffrey Bilhuber

(See more of Jeffrey Bilhuber‘s work HERE)


Candice Bergen

Ellie Cullman’s interiors are beautifully finished, personalized, and discreetly luxurious. No detail is too small. She gives you what you wanted but didn’t know you wanted! Plus, she makes it all look easy.”

Best Interior Designers | Interior Designers admired by celebrities: Elissa CullmanThe master bedroom at Candice Bergen’s home, decorated by Ellie Cullman

Steve Wynn

Roger Thomas is responsible for nearly a dozen complex, multifaceted design projects, including casinos, shopping arcades, spas, convention spaces, and close to a hundred restaurants. The diversity of the integrated resorts for which he has provided creative direction is staggering. That he has brought to his work a gentle brilliance continues to amaze and delight all of us.”

Tower Suites Lobby designed by Roger ThomasWinn Resort Tower Suites Lobby designed by Roger Thomas

Tory Burch

“We have worked with Daniel (Romualdez) on the design and inspiration for all of our boutiques from the beginning. He has a unique quality of understanding different aesthetics and developing them in interesting ways.”

Best Interior Designers |Interior Designers admired by celebrities: Daniel Romauldez“The living room of designer Tory Burch’s Manhattan apartment, which was devised by Daniel Romualdez”

These are just some of the celebrity’s favorite interior designers and architects. Just like they have a preferred style and admire talented people that innovate in the design world.

Sources: Architectural Digest






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